Daniel Mac on TikTok and Asking People What They do for a Living

With more than 100 million likes and over 7 million followers, Daniel Mac is a sensation in the TikTok automotive world. I talked to him to learn more about his journey to fame and plans for the future.

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"Excuse me man, I love your car! What do you do for a living?" If that sentence sounds familiar to you, then you've watched a Daniel Mac video before. The self-proclaimed "CEO of 'What do you do for a Living?'" has racked up millions of views on TikTok thanks to his video series where he asks supercar owners what they do for a living. Much like he's curious about rich people's occupations, I was curious to know how all of this got started so I asked him!

TikTok was actually Daniel's first foray into the content game. Sometime in the summer before his move to Dallas, he pitched the idea to his friends. The thinking here was simple: “If I’m wondering what they do for a living, everyone else is wondering too so I might as well ask them and film it.” The format was an instant success.

For those like me who didn't know how the TikTok algorithm works, here's a little insight from the man himself. When a video is posted to the platform, it's shown to a few people, and if a certain percentage of them like it, it'll be shown to more people. That's how Daniel's first video steamrolled its way to a million views in its first day.

"I thought the first video would get like 10 views and that's it but no. I had no expectations for it to blow up like it did," Daniel said.

"Now I have like 100 decent connections with millionaires and stuff. Usually, when I meet someone, I get involved with their friends too and it'll spin off into this web of connections."

That web of connections has given Daniel more than just views and likes on TikTok. Anthony Farrer, who runs The Timepiece Gentleman YouTube channel and online watch marketplace, gave Daniel a Rolex because the TikTok he was featured in went viral and earned him traffic. Nick Royer, a guy Daniel met at a gas station, ended up gifting him a Gucci bag. He even met and recorded videos with Jason Derulo and JoJo Siwa.

The next pressing question I had was "what's the favorite car of someone who sees so many incredible cars on a daily basis?" Well, I'm pleased to tell you that Mr. Mac has great taste in cars.

"The first Bugatti Chiron I ever saw was one of my most surreal experiences but if we're talking cars I could afford in my lifetime, I really like the Aventador SVJ," Daniel said. "All of the clips I've taken with SVJs are pretty much unusable because the cars are just so loud. If there was one car I could have, out of any car ever, it would be a LaFerrari hands down."

Now this trend, like any trend, may die eventually and Daniel is well-aware of this. Like any good content creator, he has plans for expansion. He wants to expand more into looking at yachts and unbelievable mansions and even start a podcast where wealthy people come and tell their stories.

"Like a 'Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous' type of thing?"

"Yeah, people have compared it to something like that!"

Big thanks, of course, to Daniel for taking the time to do this interview with me! Keep up with his supercar-fueled escapades on YouTube and TikTok and who knows, you might see me on that podcast in the future ;)

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  • Great interview! I don't tend to watch CarTubers/TiKTokers, but Dan's definitely an exception. I do it for the startled faces and the sassy rejoinders.

      7 days ago
  • I've met him at the local supercar show, he's a cool dude

      7 days ago
  • i am subbed to him on yt

      7 days ago
  • Its very weird and pretty creepy going up to people with a camera and asking them what they do for a living

      7 days ago
  • It's time I start doing one of the jobs people mentioned 🤣🤣

      7 days ago