- F1 driver Daniel Ricciardo with the newly released Vantage!

Daniel Ricciardo is Buying an Aston Martin Valkyrie! | EXPERIENCE

1y ago


It's Abu Dhabi F1 day! Aston Martin have created a fun video with Daniel Ricciardo getting to Yas Marina in a new Aston Martin Vantage with Martin Brundell. I jumped into a Rapide S to head to the location with Ricciardo and had to put the question to him about the Valkyrie hypercar collaboration project between Aston Martin and Red Bull. Yes, he is getting one!

The new Vantage has just launched this week, featuring a 510hp biturbo V8, completely new look and revised interior. Using a car in Lime Essence, the launch colour, the filming starts in the desert in Abu Dhabi and brings us over to Yas Marina circuit.

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  • Well hopefully he will get good advise on colour selection and perhaps avoid that one. Nice colour but not sure it suits.

    1 year ago
  • This Schmee is Sssssso anoying. Sssssseriously Ssssssso Ssssso annoying. 😛😛

    1 year ago
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