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Daniel Ricciardo walks us through famous racing scenes in movies

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What does a racing driver think of racing as it's show in the movies or on TV? How different is racing in real life to the racing that we see in "Days of Thunder" or "Talladega Nights", for example? It's a question that probably quite a few of us have wondered over the years. Fortunately, F1 driver Daniel Ricciardo has given us that answer! He recently sat down with GQ to go through some famous racing scenes from the world of film and break down what's going and how accurate they are to his real experiences as a driver. Part of this also includes him commenting on famous car chase scenes such as the ones from "The Fast And The Furious" and "Baby Driver".

These reaction/breakdown videos from GQ are always very interesting viewing (it's worth checking out the one CM Punk did about pro wrestling as well if you can) and Ricciardo's is no different. By breaking down the racing scenes we get a great insight from him into what it's like to be a racing driver, as well as a peek into the nostalgia he has for certain racing-inspired films.

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  • Poor Daniel! He's been so busy racing he never had time to watch the good movies...So here we go:

    1: Grand Prix 1966 (It still has some of the best racing scenes ever.)(And Monza 10K.)


    2: Le Mans 1971 (Crashing a 917 without CGI that's a real racing movie)


    3: Rush 2013


    Those are the three you have to see if you love racing...

    10 days ago
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  • I saw that video the other day and they didn’t even put Rush on (he probably meet Nikki anyway)

    11 days ago
    • I'm glad they at least put Baby Driver on there because that chase scene is nothing short of incredible. It's a timeless piece of cinema. People will still talk about that in 30...

      Read more
      10 days ago
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