- Daniel Ricciardo P3 - Eifel Grand Prix 2020

Daniel Ricciardo's Win Was Worked Hard For, It Was Not Just Luck

After two and a half years, we finally got to see our Honey Badger on the Podium again..

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Its been a long and awaited two and half years since we saw Daniel Ricciardo on the podium, as his last podium was in Monaco, 2018. Thankfully the Eifel Grand Prix gave us what we were waiting for, an awaited podium, something Daniel and F1 will never forget. Taking a well deserved P3, Daniel finally got what he was achieving with this team, securing P3 and accomplishing his tattoo bet with his team principle, Cyril Abiteboul. Giving Renault their first podium since 2011, absolutely insane. With everyone faces lighting up seeing Dan up on the podium again, it has been a while. As we awaited his famous shoey, sadly Daniel forgot about it since its been a long 2 and half years since he has done it. But, thankfully he gave us the well known shoey after the race, better late then never right?

People have expressed that Daniels podium was just luck due to the circumstances, and even Daniel himself explained that the circumstances helped as well. But they only got Daniel so far, he has worked his butt off for the past four races and the past season, Dan has showed everyone that he is one of the top drivers right now in Formula 1, and that he has still got it.

Daniel Ricciardo P3 - Eifel Grand Prix 2020

Daniel Ricciardo P3 - Eifel Grand Prix 2020

Ricciardo has been preforming amazing, showing what he has gotten to bring to the Renault car and team. With a underperforming car and team, turned into a great car and one of the top teams, but the car wasn't the specific thing that brought the team up, it was Daniel who did it. showing everyone that he is putting everything into the car, pushing it to the limit, while pushing the team as well. Taking what was a horrible season last year, to one of his best seasons ever. Driving phenomenally, like no one else. Even almost scoring a podium in Mugello, as Daniel has been finishing P4 in many races. And also we are not forgetting that he has been excelling in Qualifying as well. It was well waited and well deserved, everyone was so utterly happy for him, all the fans, all the teams, and all of Formula 1.

Daniel has proved, showed and demonstrated how hard, solid and consistently he has been working this past season. This season for Renault has been so consistent due to Daniels performance, which has expanded their and importantly his confidence to keep excelling in the future. Even when Daniel leaves for Mclaren next year, the team will still have that boost and push that Daniel has provided for them. I don't think anyone has been able to see how much of a footprint and path Daniel created for Renault. He has brought them up from absolute misery, bringing a lower midfield team to the top midfield team, if not one of the top three teams.

Daniel Ricciardo P3 - Eifel Grand Prix 2020

Daniel Ricciardo P3 - Eifel Grand Prix 2020

This podium at the Eifel Grand Prix was hanging on a thread, as it should have happened before due to Daniels insane performances. But, It was held, and held on for a long time, eventually and thankfully it happened, and it happened at the perfect time. I don't think Daniel or anyone else would have wanted it any other way. It showed his and Renaults consistent performance over the couple of months. Renault has been waiting 9 years for this, yes you heard that correctly, 9 years. And who else would be better than Daniel giving this heartwarming and special moment for them.

“To be honest it honestly feels like the first podium all over again,” he beamed. “The feeling I have now is like that really happy shock, I guess.”

daniel ricciardo - eifel grand prix 2020

And it does feel like the first time all over again, Daniel described how it was so hard to take it all in. It felt insane, he was so happy stepping on to that podium again, and he was thrilled siting at the post press conferences again. And the little things added up to an experience Daniel will never forget.

We could see his huge smile under the mask, but we couldn't see all the emotions he was feeling inside of him at this moment. Overwhelmed with joy, happiness and absolute disbelief. Daniel has melted our hearts as we watch and go through this amazing chapter and journey in his life with him.

Daniel Ricciardo P3 - Eifel Grand Prix 2020

Daniel Ricciardo P3 - Eifel Grand Prix 2020

Starting P6 and ending P3, what a drive to remember. The best decision Daniel ever made was to move from Red Bull to Renault, even though it might have seemed the absolute posited of that a year ago, it changed Daniel in the best way possible. Leaving from a toxic environment and going to a new team and a new experience. It was scary for the Aussie, but it made him who he is now, he struggled through the losses, the pain and the sorrow. Sadness happened, but now the well deserved triumphs finally occurred. If Daniel have never moved from Red Bull to Renault, he wouldn't be who he is right now. Ricciardo has learned, he has grown and for the better. You can see he is happy.

He has helped and changed Renault forever, and in the long term it will help Renault get back to what they were many, many years ago. And maybe Cyril's tattoo will be on display for all of us to see.

“It’s real. It’s gonna happen - probably something to do with me but with a German flavour!"

DANIEL [on *that* tattoo bet with Cyril Abiteboul]
Formula One F1 – Eifel Grand Prix – Nurburgring, Nurburg, Germany – Renault’s Daniel Ricciardo celebrates

Formula One F1 – Eifel Grand Prix – Nurburgring, Nurburg, Germany – Renault’s Daniel Ricciardo celebrates

With shock and disbelief over the radio as the Honey Badger crossed the checkered flag, it gave us all a sense and a feeling of proudness and happiness. Its been a long wait, Perez was his only threat as the Mexican spent longer time on the softs before switching to the Mediums and was catching up with the Renault quicker and quicker each time, but that didn't stop Daniel from achieving an ambitious and determined drive. He showed what he has got, and what he has achieved over the past months. He knew this was not the time to give up the podium again, the Aussie didn't give it up. Well deserved, Honey Badger.

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