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Daniil Kvyat's Golden Opportunity

Kvyat has chance to prove that he is a force to be reckoned with

6w ago


Daniil Kvyat is currently in a rather unique situation where he has an opportunity to secure a few more years in F1. Let me elaborate, Kvyat's return to Toro Rosso was one of necessity with Red Bull not having a driver in their development program who was ready to make the step up in 2019 so they turned to a familiar face. Kvyat not having driven in F1 since being replaced towards the tail end of the 2017 season it was rather surprising to see him show that he still had good pace as well as having a more composed and measured atmosphere about him. Although Alex Albon was a hot topic with Gasly struggling at the Red Bull Racing outfit you would have been forgiven if you had overlooked the impressive performances of Kvyat during the opening 12 rounds of 2019. It would, however, have been unlikely for Red Bull to turn to Kvyat to finish out the season with the primary team given his own history of being demoted to Toro Rosso following a string of shaky performances and a rapid rising talent that was Max Verstappen.

So how is it that a driver who appears to be destined to live out the remainder of his career in the Red Bull sister team until their driver program bears fruit in the form of new young and talented drivers could possibly pave a way for the rest of his Formula 1 career. At Daniil Kvyat's door sits his teammate who is clearly on a mission to return to the upper echelons of the F1 grid, who appears to be in top form and is showing the resolve and determination of a grand Prix winner. All Kvyat has to do is lick the stamp and send it. While Daniil's qualifying performances have not been able to match his teammate's, he has shown good race pace. Perhaps a sprinkle of misfortune has left him out of the points meaning the 4 championship points to his name so far are not a good representation of what he has been able to do with his AlphaTauri package this season. Half the F1 season still remains and there are a handful of race seats still available within the teams at the lower end of the grid. If Kvyat were to use the next few races proving that he has what it takes to take the fight to Pierre Gasly, who is arguably one of the most impressive drivers on the grid this season, he may be able to open a new door away from the Red Bull ecosystem and carve out a path for the remainder of his F1 career.

With Kimi Raikkonen inevitably drawing to the end of his own career and Haas making it known that they are open to restructuring their driver lineup there is a golden opportunity that has presented itself to Daniil. Now that Yuki Tsunoda has come knocking on the door to a Formula 1 drive there may be no better time than the present for Kvyat to prove that he is still worthy of a chance to stay in the sport.

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  • Got to say, I don't see him staying at Alpha Tauri next year with Tsunoda incoming. So it really is in his best interest to prove himself now after a less than awesome start to the season. But as we've found out this week, F1 can be brutal with which drivers can a seat somewhere and those who don't.

      1 month ago
    • Iā€™d give Tsunoda another year and another shot at the F2 title if I were alpha Tauri, simply to let him gain more experience and mature in the high pressure environment, and *after* evaluate their options.

        1 month ago
    • Tsunoda is still in with a good chance of winning the F2 title this year. And we know that you don't have to win it to get into Formula 1. Personally I think he's ready but Kvyat might get to hold on for another year.

        1 month ago
  • If Kvyat consistently beats the race winning Gasly from now, he can have a real chance! Great post, welcome Dylan!

      1 month ago
  • Hasn't his entire time in F1 so far been a "Golden Opportunity"??? Bin him, keep Gasly stick Tsunoda in the second seat and let's go racing...

      1 month ago


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