Danny Ric set to drive Earnhardt's NASCAR Chevrolet after winning podium bet

The Australian Driver will get the once-in-a-lifetime chance of driving his hero's Nascar Chevrolet

4w ago

When Daniel Ricciardo signed for McLaren he had a bet with head honcho Zak Brown who said that the Honey Badger would get to drive Dale Earnhardt Sr.'s NASCAR if he gets a podium for the team. At Monza last weekend, Danny Ric not only got a podium but won the Italian GP.

Dale Earnhardt was a hero for Danny Ric when he grew up with the dream of being a racing driver. After Monza, he wasn't only happy to win the race but was also looking forward to driving the NASCAR Chevrolet.

“I’m like, maybe he gives me the car? I think it was always a podium, I get to drive it. We never talked about a win, so I gave him my shoe that he drank out of, so maybe he gives me the car. It’s a good trade,” said Ricciardo.

“Yeah, there’s like a couple of things today, like two heroes: Dale Earnhardt – big hero of mine – and to have a chance to get behind the wheel of one of his cars is crazy. That will certainly be a 'pinch me' moment,” he concluded.

The Honeybadger has placed his P1 trophy alongside Ayrton Senna's Adeilade 1993 trophy. Now that is some achievement!

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Comments (3)

  • Yaaasssss!!!

    Congrats to Danny Rick. Good to see he got his mojo back.

      1 month ago
  • Those are the bets I like to see, comical and not high stakes, couple of friends did that a few years ago for football (very funny to see it)

      1 month ago