Around the world, radio controlled cars are a very popular hobby! Nearly most, if not all, toy stores sell them in one day or another. Anything from Silvia's built for drifting, to monster trucks and stance cars.

Hobbyists around the world often paint these cars up to look modified or even just to suit their style, even I myself have dabbled in drift stitching and painting a Nissan or two just to mess around with in the backyard.

However, there are some out there who go above and beyond. Namely, one Danny Huynh from Danny Huynh Creations.

Danny has built a multitude of awesome RC cars from just about anything you can think of. In fact, a lot of the time he takes it as a challenge to make RC cars out of strange objects or give them cool gimmicks.

I decided to reach out to Danny to find out why he does what he does and get an insight into just how much work he puts into these custom RC creations.

So Danny, how long have you been doing this for?

I have been creating these RC cars for about six years. At first it was a hobby for three years, I was then lucky enough to become a full time builder after that. This meant I got to be employed at a few different RC companies making custom creations!

So as you said, you do this for a job?

Yes! I have been working with Hobbytech RC on their design and development team. It's a really good way to turn a hobby into paid work.

What actually got you into designing and building these cars?

It all start when RC drift cars were a relatively new thing. My passion for real life cars bled into the hobby and so I began! RC drift cars generally have a realistic scale appearance, not only in brands but wheels, aftermarket parts etc.

A lot of effort goes into these RC cars, how long does one take to build one?

Well, it usually takes around one to two months of solid work to complete. While it may be time consuming and tedious, I also love being creative, so seeing the end result is well worth the time put in.

What would have to be the hardest creation you've come across so far?

They are all pretty time intensive and complicated projects, but if I had to pick one to date it would be the DB8SL Heavy Bug. That RC got to a point where I lost count of how many motors, servos and esc's were used to bring it to life!

If you had to choose a favourite of your many creations, which would it be?

There are definitely a few stand outs for me, but Id have to say the DB8SL Fury Road. It had some really awesome stylistic choices such as the gull-wing doors and the chimp sliding out Jurassic Park style with the banana gun.

Do you see yourself continuing this in future? Do you have any goal projects?

I really don't think too much into the future, as an artist I always tend to focus on what to build next. I have a way of building where I don't draw or plan how these are going to turn out. So, if I have an idea, I just get into things and make it happen. I am very happy right now working with the best RC companies in the world. I'd love to do something in the film industry with my creations, that'd be awesome. That's a dream we should all dream!

Lastly, we build some crazy cars, what RC car would you build for StreetFX?

Knowing you guys and what you get up to, I'd have to design something crazy. It would be for the streets, definitely a drifter and I would have to choose Aussie muscle for sure!

Check out more of Danny Huynh's awesome creations below!


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