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Darkness lay ahead

With this gorgeous man leaving Top Gear next year, factual-ish motoring television doesn't look very healthy.

2y ago


Matt Leblanc is leaving Top Gear after this upcoming series ends. This is not breaking news to anyone reading content on this site as I had to scroll past thirty or so articles all making the same statement this morning. Usually, I wouldn't involve myself in things I'm not interested in, and who hosts Top Gear is something I'm not very interested in. I haven't watched a single episode of the post-entertaining Top Gear era, but I can't imagine that losing the only cast member of the current show who is more entertaining than being eaten alive, is a good thing.

I'm not here to poke fun at so-called Top so-called Gear, however. The issue I would like to raise is; with Mr. Leblanc departing and the fellas' contract with Amazon expiring after this series, what will we be left with? Who will entertain us with cars most of us will never see in the wild let alone drive? Who will challenge the unchecked and rampant Porsche enthusiasm, if not Mr. Clarkson? Who will show me the rest of the world I'm not interested in seeing in person? There is too much uncertainty in the factual-ish motoring television world for my comfort and Chris "Porsche or death" Harris and Rory "Who" Reid are far too unqualified to put me at ease.

At the risk of sounding excessively cliche, what do you think? Do you think that the boys will re-up and continue making television until Mr. Hammond kills himself? Do you believe that Top Gear in its current iteration could sustain the motoring world if they were the only show in the proverbial town? Do you think it should, or are there other shows or mediums like YouTube that are primed to take over the top spot?

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  • I think the GT presenters and the other remaining top gear guy's should merge together and either make grand tour bigger and try to get a non pay subscription channel like Dave (who still play the old Jeremy and co episodes)to join up with Amazon on a viewing rights basis. BBC as of late have been flogging some of their best shows and sports programmes to other channels lately any way

      2 years ago
  • I vote they will just keep going.... Why would you stop?

      2 years ago
    • Well, assuming Mr. Hammond doesn't kill himself... I don't know why they would stop doing what they do but they got a 36 episode package from Amazon and I haven't heard if they have extended that. Plus they aren't spring chickens anymore....

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        2 years ago
    • The schedule is insane. What they should do is have track day events at the now stationary tent.

        2 years ago
  • Hilariously on his bike somewhere. Funny just brings up all sorts of visuals ...

      2 years ago


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