Datsun 1200 bluebird finished in a factory sun power blue. The car was in a mostly factory condition aside from the distributor cap being changed on the coin style distributor. The inline 4 overhead valve 1.2 L Β rear wheel drive set up produced 69 horsepower and 95 Nm of torque at roundabout 6000 Rpm. Updating the ignition and the starter has given the car more reliability. The car was built in 1972 registered in 1973. The car has aged well for the jdm metal it is. There are very few rust spots visible on this beautiful example with an unmistakable JAP logo answering all questions if any on the origins and heritage of the car. The datsun 1200 also known as the B110 sunny in some parts of the world. it is an unmistakable japanese icon, it shares unmistakable styling cues with the C10 nissan GT-R dubbed the hakosuka.

Japanese culture and heritage is reflected in these beautiful machines and they are glorious pieces of history. This car was no short of a time machine, just standing in the wake of it i imagine myself transported to the backroads of japan where this car was developed. It has an aura that surrounds it! It's an instant classic like most other datsuns of the time.

The interior was also a blast from the past with that classic 4 speed shifter and a real hefty clutch with a quirky steering wheel.

The classic carburetor is still a sight in this classic mobile. Cars of this time are as mechanical as they get!

No air conditioning as one would expect from cars of this era, because all airconditioning does is create unnecessary mechanical drag!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

The interior features an analog clock and a metallic finish dash something even modern day luxury cars would be jealous of.

The owner was kind enough to share this rare piece of history and one of the only ones in the country and that is daily driven!

When you can witness piece of history it makes it extra special. it's not just a car it is a classic and everything related to it has been etched into history.

The previous owner had put a honda wing on to the car and therefore there are holes on the trunk.

Even though the 1200 is now a good 47 years old it has so much presence to this day!

Many have been made into racecars from high horsepower drag vehicles to full blown bathurst race cars. Many have even declared the unsung hero of the bathurst track.

It is a modern piece of history and one to be respected.

All the pictures are taken by me and this blog is by me as well!!