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Every now and then when you scroll through Instagram you come across little gem of pages like Datsun Autowerk. I wanted to know more because let's face it I am a Nissan fan and this page had it all, every sort of Nissan under the sun.

All the information you could possibly want about Datsun, racing, a knowledge base, project cars etc. The page is run by a guy called Florian Steinl who lives in Frankfurt, Germany.

So I had to find out some more information because mainly I'm such a fan of Datsun and everything Japanese.

Sarah: So Florian can you tell us where Datsun Autowerk started and also your Datsun story?

Florian: My Datsun history began very early. It started in the early 1970s, when my family drove Datsun cars almost all the time.

We had 5 Datsun Cherry 100A E10 back in the days. That was something very unusual. Especially in Germany, where you mostly drove Opel, VW or a French car. The Japanese had only been on the market for a short time, but still my family had great loyalty to this manufacturer.

This love also lasted for a long time and continued into the early 2000s. Of course, this Datsun virus had to catch me at some point and of course I had to drive one or the other Nissan myself. I had a Micra K10, a K11, two Sunny GTI and, finally, Datsun 260Z and of couse a Cherry 100A E10, too.

Sarah: When did you buy your first Datsun?

Florian: The purchase of my first Datsun Z car is now 12 years ago and was a great adventure for me. At that time there was no big Datsun scene in Germany and no international exchange via Facebook, Instagram and other internet forums. At that time every spare part had to be imported from the USA and that is at least from Germany not very cheap. On top of that you had to wait very long for spare parts.

Of course there were also some Datsun drivers. But these were mostly the ones who had bought these cars 30 years before. Often people without the interest to exchange information over the internet.

Meanwhile there is a big hype about the Z cars in Germany and almost every vintage car magazine or TV show has already told something about a Z.

Sarah: How did you share your knowledge about Datsun?

Florian: So a few years ago I made the plan to be a contact point for all the lost and scattered Datsun knowledge. With my instagram channel datsun.autowerk and the corresponding website I try to answer as many questions as possible for a newcomer and also help with a purchase recommendation. My goal is to connect all Datsun fans and help with parts search and background knowledge.

Sarah: Is there anything in partiular you have found since you started your Datsun Autowerk page on Instagram?

Florian: Ironically, the "new" Datsun target group is getting younger and younger. I know many Z drivers, who already at the age of 16 or 20, in Germany you have to be 18 years old than to drive a car, restore a Datsun Z as their first car..

Sarah: When did you start the Datsun Autowerk page on Instagram?

Forian: I started in september 2019. That's not that long ago. But I always try to document interesting details about the Datsun brand and prepare them in small posts for the fans.

There is unfortunately always a lot of knowledge lost and I try to be a Datsun Wikipedia on Instagram.

To communicate so with small nice ideas the story of this exciting brand.

Sarah: What is your favourite 'modren' Datsun?

Florian: Currently, the brand no longer exists. However. That is not so true. Datsun was brought back to life mainly in India, South America or Eastern Europe to sell cars there for very little money.

But it has nothing to do with the old Datsuns and is only part of the big Nissan-Renault brand.

Sarah: What is your favourite old school JDM Datsun?

Forian: Obviously, I'm a big Z fan. But after all, I don't own just one Datsun. But if I had enough room, I'd love to add a Sunny UTE or a Kenmeri to my collection.

Sarah: Have you ever thought of releasing some merchandise wiht the drawings?

Florian: Haha, that's a fun question. In fact, I've even sold tshirts and am always making small things. Like for example keychains or stickers.

But I've also made patches or posters before.

But in general I don't like to run a merch store. I don't have time for that. I find it more exciting when I just produce small series with 30-50 items and when it' all sold, then it's over and I start the next project a few months later.

Sarah: Where would you like to see your instagram/website be in 5 years?

Florian: In my dream world, my site will be the largest Datsun knowledge base and the first place to go for exciting topics about the history and secrets of this great brand.

But maybe that remains just a dream? I do not know yet.

But as long as it's fun for me and that's what it does for me every day. I'm going to b like Indiana Jones in search of previously untold stories about these Japanese cars.

Sarah: Can you tell us a random fact about your work to date?

Forian: In fact, at least in my area, I already have a certain reputation and am considered a very passionate expert in the Datsun scene.

So I helped an friend of mine - whom I know from rallying - to buy a Datsun 240Z.

When we talked one day, he told me in a side sentence that he is friends with Rauno Aaltonen.

Rauno drove - as we all know - the legendary East African Safari Rally in a Datsun Z! But not only that, he also drove the RAC Rally, as well as the Monte Carlo. He also raced in the 710, 1800, 160 and the 510.

And who knows, maybe I can inspire him for a little special on my channel.

Big thanks to Forian for doing this interview and sharing all his information on his Instagram and his website with us JDM fans. If you would like to follow him on his Instagram and website, I have listed the links below!



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