Here's something I didn't know existed until quite recently - a Gachapon release of the Nissan GB122 Ute. For those who don't know the GB122 - it was a small truck based on the Nissan Sunny that dated all the way back to 1971, but was produced all the way up to 2008!

These 1/64 scale models are a recent Gachapon release by a company called "Toy Cabin", about which I really don't know anything. The release itself contains four different models, two Standard models (white and green), and two Custom versions (red and blue).

The front end of the models really is where the differences are. The Standard is just as the "GB122" model rolled off the assembly lines from 1989 to 1994.

The Custom versions sit lower on alloy rims, and feature the retro Sunny front with a large front air dam.

If you look around the net a bit, you will find all manner of "Sanitori" custom cars in Japan, as they remain very popular.

Around the back, they are all the same. There is a very nice level of detail there, and the tail gate opens, which is a really nice touch.

But - like many Gacha models, these are made from plastic - and the tail gate is more than a little fragile and will come off quite easily.

And while the quality is nice enough for a plastic Gacha model, you won't confuse them with a TLV model either. As for packaging, they come in Pokemon style balls - and you won't have to guess which color you are getting.

As for the real car, Nissan discontinued it in 1994, but the short wheel base remained in production in South Africa as the "Bakkie" until 2008. As mentioned above, they remain popular in Japan to this day, and are often customised.

So in short, I am glad I got them, tough I probably would have been happy with one each of the Standard and Custom version. Thanks for looking!

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