David Brown Automotive remastered classics are coming to the London Motor Show

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Next week, David Brown Automotive will be bringing two of their stunning remastered cars to London ExCel Centre as part of the ‘Built In Britain’ display at the 2018 London Motor Show.

Remastering history

David Brown Automotive made their stunning resto-modded debut with the Speedback GT in 2014. According to the company’s founder David Brown, this debut perfectly captured his personal passions for engineering, manufacturing along with his love of cars.

The David Brown Automotive Speedback GT

Every single car produced by the company is a true appreciation of British engineering and craftsmanship at its finest, with the design team utilising both modern and traditional methods to create some of the most stunning coach built cars ever to hit the road.

Stunning attention to detail and usability

Essentially, each car the company produces is a reintroduction of an iconic design from the Sixties. But with modern performance, while retaining that persona that made the original vehicles so special in the first place.

The company combines modern powertrains and underpinnings alongside unique handcraftsmanship to create a genuinely British built and designed product, all the while utilising the very best of British engineering, and skilled craftsmanship.

Now, here is a preview of what David Brown Automotive is bringing to London ExCel on the 17th May:

Mini Remastered Inspired by Monte Carlo

This Monte Carlo inspired remastered version of the iconic Mini is limited to just 25 examples. Boasting a reworked four-cylinder engine producing 98bhp, with a four-speed manual gearbox it has been thoroughly re-engineered for the modern era.

From the retro leather bonnet straps to the darkened chrome throughout the bespoke cabin, it has been thoroughly reworked to be the Mini you've always lusted after. Add to this the external details such as the wheel arch extensions, as well as the trio of Cibie LED driving lights and it’s got a massive dose retro road rallying greatness about it as well.

Speedback Silverstone Edition

The Speedback Silverstone Edition is a ten example only tribute to the GT race cars of a bygone era. Featuring a streamlined aluminium body that looks fast from all angles. Part of all this speed, is that paint finish dubbed ‘Fly by Night’ with a contrasting ‘Black Night’ faded racing stripe which takes no less than eight weeks to become a reality.

On the inside, you will find a pair of brogued and embroidered racing seats along with solid billet switchgear crafted from aluminium, all of which is finished by hand.

Under that pretty nose lurks the Silverstone’s party piece, a 5.0-litre Jaguar Supercharged V8 engine producing some 601PS and 565 lb-ft of torque. All of which powers this stunning car to 60 mph in just 4.2 seconds before hitting the electronic buffers at 155mph.


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