Davida Full Moon gathering

2y ago


A few friends & myself were invited to attend the Davida Full Moon Gathering and we gladly accepted. We decided to ride up on our Lambrettas. Ranging from a tuned & ported Series 1, GP200, Avanti 225 & my Supertune 225. The weekend involved a ride out on the Saturday, which was amazing! 190 miles through the Welsh countryside, spectacular vista’s that simply took your breath away, and if they weren’t enough the pace and sheer technical skill involved to keep up with the bigger bikes, an 1100cc Guzzi and a Brough Superior to name a few, did.

It’s pretty safe to say we raised the credibility of shopping bikes to a new high! No pretence, no judgment, great food, good company and even more amazing roads all add up to possibly the best riding weekend ever!

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    Do you think you're as good as the trio?