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Day of friendship Italy-Belarus 2019. Great retro motorcycles

Photos and videos of unique motorcycles, some of them exist only in a single copy. Rare specimens from Italy

Happy Italian culture! July 13, 2019 Moscow and Minsk today celebrate the Day of Friendship with Italy, the event is held by the Italian Embassy with the direct participation of the ambassadors themselves.

And may your days be filled with sunshine of joy and happiness!

On this day, you can remember about pizza, spaghetti and ice cream, and also not to forget about a cup of the best Italian coffee. But the most important thing that was remembered from the very early morning in the capital of the Republic of Belarus is Italian motorcycles ...

All photos and video are made by me :)

A real exclusive can be called Italian retro motorcycles. There will be only a few of them, but each of them is found only in a single copy in the entire post-Soviet space.

Moto Morini 'Briscola' (Italy) 1956-1958

Year of release: 1956 Engine one-cylinder 175 cubic cm, with air cooling, two-valve, four-cycle. Power: 10.5 hp at 6200 rpm. Transmission 4-speed, foot shifting. Brakes: drum. Maximum speed: 125 km / h. Restored in the workshop "ARKO"

The exhibition of retro-motorcycles “Big Jubilee Year”, is symbolically held in support of the famous race on retro motorcycles “Milano-Taranto”, which takes place these days in Italy.

The exhibition “Big Jubilee Year” is timed to the celebration:

• 110th anniversary of the oldest Italian motorcycle company «GILERA»

• 100th anniversary of the CZ motorcycle company

• 90th anniversary of the legendary, for our country, brand of motorcycles "JAWA"

• 80th anniversary of the start of production of the progenitor of the motorcycle “MINSK” - the motorcycle model DKW RT 125.

Gilera "5V Arcore" (Italy) 1972-1977

​Year of release: 1976. Single cylinder engine 150 cc. air-cooled, two-valve, four-stroke. Power: 15 hp at 8300 rpm Transmission: 5-speed, foot shifting. Brakes: Drum. Maximum speed: 130 km / h. Restored in the workshop "ARKO".

The name sounds like Juliet. That was the way to call these beautiful motorcycles in the country, where beautiful Alfa Romeos are created in the form of cars. And although the brand bears this name in honor of its creator Giuseppe Gilero, it turned out in any case, romantic and very Italian.

Almost all the exhibits - "live", will arrive under their own power. Among them will be both restored, restored vintage motorcycles, and motorcycles in the original saved form. Some of them deserve to take place in the best museums in the world. There were real rarities, such as for example the IL 8 1937.

Jawa Villiers 175 (Czechoslovakia) (1932-1933)

Year of release: 1935. Engine single cylinder 172.6 cc. two-stroke, petrol. Power: 5.5 hp at 5500 rpm. Brakes: Drum. Maximum speed: 85 km / h.

It was not restored, therefore the state is unique for the equipment of this year.

Jawa 175 Villiers is a Czechoslovakian motorcycle produced at the Jawa factory. The first motorcycle left the factory in 1932. The appearance of this car was associated with the arrival of the English designer GW Patchett. In Jawa 175 used engine produced under license Villiers. The engine was supplemented by Albion's English three-speed gearbox, in which gears are put into action with a lever from the gearbox. The engine and gearbox were formed separately. The gas tank has a volume of 10.5 liters. For 100 kilometers the motorcycle consumes 3 liters of fuel. The weight of the motorcycle is 130 kilograms.


TIZ-AM-600 gained a reputation for reliable and durable motorcycles. They were the most powerful in the USSR. The PMZ-A750 engine developed 15 liters. c, the L-300 and IL-7 - no more than 6.5 liters. with, and AM-600 - all 16 l. with. For many motorcyclists, this car became desirable, but, unfortunately, inaccessible - most of the plant shipped to the Red Army.

In the sports parades of those years one could see this bike with a pyramid of five athletes and a driver. Three - with carbines at the ready, and the fourth - with a Degtyarev light machine gun. Motorcycle withstands a load of 370 kilograms!

TIZ-AM-600 motorcycles were considered the best in the pre-war period of the USSR motorcycle sport. On their base, many racers built sports cars of their own design. The basis was taken overhead valve "sloper" BSA.

TIZ-AM-600 became the first motorcycle in the USSR with interchangeable wheels. It began to spread straight-sided tires (simultaneously with PMZ-A750). But in the mid-thirties, quite a few more vehicles with clincher tires drove along the roads of the country.

It took the restorer Alexander 10 years to complete this TIZ-AM-600, which is the only one in our country today. The model was produced in 1935-1941 "Taganrog Instrumental Plant named after Comrade Stalin". Year of release of this particular instance - 1937th. The motorcycle was released in the midst of Stalin's repression ...

Koehler Escoffier "KS 3 GD" (France) 1949-1953

Year of release: 1951. Engine: 98 cc. Single cylinder air-cooled Villiers MG T41G, push pull. Power: 3,2 l / s at 3800 rpm. Transmission: 3-speed manual shift. Brakes: Drum. Maximum speed: 60km/h.

All collectors said that this is one of the most exclusive motorcycles of the exhibition.

The Koehler-Escoffier motorcycle was used to play Motobol for five years - from 1933 to 1938. Motoball is one of the oldest sports in the world. It resembles a horse polo, but instead of animals, players ride motorcycles. In the 30s of the last century, the motoball was very popular among residents of France, but it still has fans in Europe and in the countries of the former Soviet Union.

The motoball court is comparable in size to a football field, but the ball is much larger than a football one. Goalkeepers are the only people on the court without bikes, while the risk of injury is much higher than that of other participants.

Ariel Red Hunter (England)

These motorcycles are created in Birmenham,

the place where Richard Hammond was born.

Year of release: 1938. Volume 500 ss. Power: 24 l / s at 6000 rpm. Transmission: 4-speed. Brakes: Drum. Maximum speed: 140 km / h. Weight: 190 kg.

Red Hunter is the name of a series of single-cylinder motorcycles made by Ariel, which has a very long history and originates from the distant 1800s. The design of the Red Hunter series was developed by Valentin Page, who some time later moved to Triumph. In the 1930s, Ariel Red Hanter had a reputation as one of the best British motorcycles.

The model could be equipped with a stroller. In 1939, the car appeared rear suspension, then a telescopic fork. During World War II, motorcycle production ceased, but was resumed in the post-war years already with a cast cylinder head and a new frame. The bold design of the motorcycle was so successful that it allowed the company to increase its profits several times.

The speed of a motorcycle, once produced in Birmingham,

the place where Richard Hammond comes from, is incredibly high for the 30s.

In 1936, the owner of the company Ariel Jack Sangster became the owner of the motorcycle department of another well-known English brand Triumph. In 1965, Ariel stopped the production of motorcycles. But in 1999, the company Ariel Motor Company appeared under the old name, producing a 2-seater sports car and a large motorcycle.

This model conveys the spirit of Birmingham and Richard himself very precisely.

Photo zone with the present 60-year-old "Minsk"

Minsk is the same motorcycle from which many bikers began their journey. It was everywhere. Economical, simple, not expensive and small. The creators wanted to see in it a motorcycle "Volkswagen".

Several dozen people came to our republic for the sake of this event: representatives of Russia, the Baltic states, Germany, the Czech Republic, etc. Not less than a hundred participants.

Were at that exhibition and rare not only motorcycles, but also motorcycle racers in the generation. This respected and very old racer in a sky shirt shows the album, where his parents are captured with their first motorcycles, participation in races, tire change and other important moments. He is over 70 years old ...

Alex Borodin - famous architect of Belarus took part in the exhibition. His stylish and fashionable motorcycle is actually very creatively equipped with the help of simple household items. With his own hands, he made an iron container - from pallets for cooking meat, glued together with a rubber cord, it is convenient to fasten and open, and the holder for oil with brush. Rear lights attached from the old car and much more ... Everything looks high quality and reliability of all this is proved.

Rare and interesting motorcycles

Together in style! Me and two perfect motorcycles. This race blouse is my own design! :) (I will show it in Fashion Grand Tour tribe later with better view). I dream to create perfect race and automotive clothes. And of course clothes in Top Gear and Grand Tour style :)

Some motor vehicles are preserved only in single copies. Can you find which ones? :) I will be very happy to read tour comments!

Perfect Italy Maserati

And perfect Italy day

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