De Tomaso brand set to return?

52w ago


Yes, you read the title correctly, the legendary Italian car manufacturer, founded in 1959, may be making a come back in the near future. What has prompted this speculation?

On October 19th the De Tomaso trademark was registered on the Intellectual Property Office website.

The logo has been updated and is looking fresh.

There is some speculation over who has registered the trademark and who will be the company to bring De Tomaso back from the dead.

Why are we excited about the return of De Tomaso? Just have a listen to their greatest car, the Pantera, firing up:

Not only do they sound phenomenal, but they are beautifully menacing at the same time. Something that might be missing from the current supercar market.

The last car De Tomaso put into production was way back in 1993 with the GuarĂ  which has been widely forgotten. There was an attempt to produce a two-seater convertible called the BiguĂ  in the early 2000s, along with some off-road vehicles, but to no avail.

All we can hope is that they being back some muscle cars to Italy that send the same shivers down the spine that the De Tomaso Pantera did.

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