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De Tomaso have been quiet for a while, until now

Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, they're back .. with a vengeance

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Formed in 1959, at the birthplace of speed and the national home of all-things exclusively expensive, De Tomaso are a company that have a history of creating incredible cars. Like all Italian manufacturers, they manage to capture a flavour of that effortlessly cool Mediterranean style through their craftsmanship, and much like their fellow countrymen, they like to take their time making cars. In fact, they're so laidback with their production that throughout their 61 year existence, they've only released six official models.

Their first car, introduced in 1963, was the Vallelunga - a mid-engined, 104bhp sports car with a top speed of 134mph. It looked and went like the clappers. Three years later came the Mangusta, another low-slung mile-muncher that was fitted with a monstrous 4.7-litre V8 engine, and made from steel and aluminium.

Image credit: Classical Driver.

Image credit: Classical Driver.

Their next model was the true revelation, however. In 1971, De Tomaso announced the Pantera - a car which, even today, looks as good as anything Ferrari or Lamborghini conjured up during that era. It was the car that really signalled that the Modenese manufacturer were here, and here to stay.

Just like that, sadly, the company began to descend into the deepest depths of history, because they failed to release another car for the next 22 years - the Guarà. After failed attempts to create off-road vehicles during the early noughties, the world had come to accept that De Tomaso, as brilliant as they are, were a company that now took inexplicably lengthy sabbaticals between each car.

Image credit: De Tomaso Automotive.

Image credit: De Tomaso Automotive.

The P72, released in 2019, defined the company with aplomb. It had been 26 years since their last car, but when they returned, they really delivered. Spellbinding looks, breakneck speeds, and a soundtrack that would put an orchestra to shame were just some of the qualities behind De Tomaso's latest contribution to the world - and now, they're teasing us once more.

Whilst the P72 continues to roll off the production line, De Tomaso have recently released images of their next project - and if its stark reminders of the P72 are to be believed, it's set to be yet another enchanting creation. Billed as part of their new ''Mission AAR'' initiative, details remain scarce, but that won't stop the world from dreaming, right?

Image credit: De Tomaso Automotive.

Image credit: De Tomaso Automotive.

Speaking across their social media platforms, De Tomaso said the following: "Although our marketing took a pause, our P72 development program has continued. We have also been working diligently on something new and quite special. We look forward to sharing both P72 program updates and our new initiative, Mission AAR, with you soon."

Whilst the automotive spectrum is filled with necessities like the Toyota Corolla, the Peugeot 3008 and, dare I say it .. the Nissan Juke, De Tomaso remain a breath of fresh air amidst the bores. They are a fundamental deviation from what the world expects from carmakers, and despite taking their sweet time with the P72, one thing's for sure: De Tomaso are back … with a vengeance.

What do you think about De Tomaso's announcement regarding their next project?

Image credit: De Tomaso Automotive.

Image credit: De Tomaso Automotive.

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Comments (7)

  • Can't wait!

      20 days ago
  • The only possible reason for buying the new DeTomaso is for flipping to collectors.

      18 days ago
  • But this thing looks like a new take on that classic legendary, but it designed in Hong Kong and taking cues from Lawsuit friendly Ferrari even from their legendary



    But then it was reimagined by Pininfarian

    As P4/5 based on an unsold ENZO FERRARI AND THEN IT WAS COMISSIONED TO PININFARINA BY James Gilkenhaus,

    But that was an modern take,

    But this is a total not new but old design with new elements, for this P72,

    It very much resembles the 330/P4,

    Since the company claims to be designed in HONG KONG,

    Du du daaaaa.........,

    Maybe a similar lawsuit approaching towards them by Ferrari,

    But the vehicle looks cool nevertheless with those old LM car designs,

    But not sure how the Ferrari Camp would react to this vehicle,

    But still a looker even and a radical design of older time nevertheless, which still make it stand apart from every other vehicles,

      19 days ago
  • its the most beautiful car of 21st century just like the E-type jag.

      17 days ago
  • they still don't have an engine?

      18 days ago


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