De Tomaso looks to be making a comeback

The evidence is strong, surely an announcement is only around the corner

2y ago

In 2004 De Tomaso, creator of the Mangusta and Pantera supercars; went into liquidation and four years later was luckily saved by a man called Gian Mario Rossignol. After presenting some good looking business projections it was looking like the world was going to be gifted with an all new Pantera. But shortly after a promising 2011 Geneva motor show the Italian company filed for bankruptcy.

A sad day for any car enthusiast.

But there is reason to believe that we are all in for a bit of a treat as it looks as though De Tomaso is going to make a comeback!

It has been reported that the Italian car makers name had been registered at the UK Itellectual Property Office with a slightly updated logo. The registration was for six classes of items, motor vehicles, leather and imitation leather, business management, and repair and maintenance of motor vehicles; which all kind of point the finger to a car company in it's early development.

There has also been a new slogan that's been registered which reads 'Modern day time machine'. This pending application specifically applies to use of motor vehicles.

Ideal Team adventures is the Chinese consortium company that bought the remains of De Tomaso and it is thought that they are the ones behind these new trademark applications. In 2016, the company filed trademarks for the Pantera, Mangusta, and the De Tomaso name and logo itself.

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