De Tomaso Mangusta Legacy Concept – Bringing The Past Into The Present

Some may think that a "Mangusta" is a Venezuelan gigalo - but us car lovers know better.

4y ago

If you were to ask the average person what they thought a "Mangusta" was, you would probably end up with quite a comical selection of guesses. On the face of it, a Mangusta could be anything from a Mexican butler to a Brazilian pimp. But if you ask a car lover, they'll tell you it's the name of a De Tomaso from the 60's.

Credit: carscoops

Credit: carscoops

And what a stunning piece of machinery it was. A car that sat at a level low enough to appreciate just how close to the ground people's jaws get when they look at it; and it combined that lowness with lines smoother than those found coming out of a playa's mouth.

Credit: carscoops

Credit: carscoops

The De Tomaso brand is now sadly dead – but it's most certainly not forgotten. In fact, a few years ago, a design student called Maxime de Keiser thought he'd reinvent the Mangusta and bring it into the modern age. This is what he created...

It's called the Mangusta Legacy concept, and as you can see, the front grill and lights clearly echo that of the original car. But rather than flowing elegantly, the body appears to have been designed with only a ruler. In fact, the overall shape of this car makes it look like the child that would result if an original Mangusta and a DeLorean had a child together.

While that may all sound rather derogatory, I mean it in a good way. Through my eyes, this car brings with it a rather different approach to beauty: one that doesn't much care for sleekness, and would much rather be pumped up, angry, and angular.

As this is only a virtual concept, the mechanical DNA is for the individual to interpret and imagine. As the original Mangusta used a Ford V8 engine, I see no reason why the modern Legacy concept should break tradition. Imagine the 526bhp NA V8 engine out of the Mustang GT350 in there, screaming its way up to 8300rpm, delivering its thrills by sending its power to the rear wheels alone via a manual gearbox. That's how this car would exist in my perfect automotive world.

But what do you guys think? Do you like it, love it, or are you glad its confined to a virtual prison? If you do like it, what engine would you see powering it? Let me know in the comments!

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