Deakin University takes vehicle simulation to next level

Next Generation Simulator Platform Facility will feature one of the world's most advanced simulators

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If you are looking to learn about vehicle dynamics then you might want to consider a course at Deakin University in Australia. Supported by the Victorian State Government and opening in late 2021, the platform provides advanced, academic led, research and innovation support for both driver-based and driver-less (autonomous) mobility technologies.

By deploying and operating the latest Ansible Motion Delta S3 dynamic driving simulator, Deakin will provide the first dedicated motion simulation research infrastructure for industry and academia in mobility technologies in Australia. The simulator will be ideally suited to vehicle design and testing, driver training, and automotive vehicle research and development, which will ultimately enhance Australia’s sovereign capability in the industry and lead to the creation of new jobs and internship opportunities.

“Deakin researchers are excited to have the opportunity to work with experts from Ansible Motion in utilising the Delta S3 Simulator for research in motion simulation and related areas”, says Professor Saeid Nahavandi, Director of IISRI and Pro Vice-Chancellor of Deakin University. “It is envisaged that Deakin and Ansible Motion will spearhead the use of state-of-the-art simulator technologies for advancing the automotive industry and the general mobility sector in Australia through this partnership”.

After recently announcing sales to multiple OEMs, Tier One suppliers and now academia, Ansible Motion’s Delta S3 dynamic driving simulator is arguably the leading choice for any automotive organisation serious about fully harnessing the power of simulation for its product development and validation processes.

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