Dear Chase, Where's the 1000 race party?

Less Celebration, More of a Wake

2y ago

For over a year, there has been a count-down to the massive milestone that is 1000 F1 championship events. Visible at every race has been the big countdown ending last Sunday in the Chinese Grand Prix 2019, Race 1000.

The chaps at Liberty did attempt to move the British GP to April to try and complete the symmetry of 1st and 1000th race at the legendary Silverstone Circuit in Northamptonshire England. However someone must have had a word in Chase's shell-like to remind of last time Bernie tried to run the British GP in April.

Alas Liberty were stuck with making the most of trying to celebrate this milestone at the Chinese grand prix, one of the more successful 'new-style' tracks it must be said, with some good past races and lots of overtaking thanks to the mammoth 1.2km back straight.

However race day approached and passed without much 'razzamatazz', no fireworks, no big presentations, nothing.. It feels like an opportunity was missed. Where are all of the past champions? Where are all of the demo runs in past great cars? Where was the music and the party at? Surely if ever there was a good chance to bring back a Michael Buffer style introduction then this would be it?

Chase has been telling us since Liberty purchased F1 that the focus was on creating entertainment, making more out of the brand. If this is the evidence of that, then its completely forgettable and liberty have failed.

Whilst the race wasn't a classic (something that can never be guaranteed - you have boring nil-nil draws in football too right?) everything surrounded it should have been big, brash and exciting. But in truth it was just flat, dead, dull

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Comments (4)

  • While i agree regarding past champs/drivers and cars, im glad they didnt turn it into a celebritwit love fest as i expected.

      2 years ago
  • It was crap, you would have thought that they would have had the largest parade of old formula one cars or celebrated better. Although saying that the British Touring Car Championship had their 60th anniversary last year and they didn't really celebrate the anniversary races at snetterton that well, they changed the liverys on some of the cars and they played the music they used to play during the pre race warm ups, but disappointingly they didn't have a display of the Touring cars from the past.

      2 years ago
  • You're spot on with that. No 'razzamatazz'.

    Also, rearrange the letters of "This is F1 1000" and you get "F1 1000 is shit".

      2 years ago
  • So I know this wasn't the jist of the article, BUT, what if they had a televised after party after some of the races, where the drivers, celebs, and the like could get down and have some well deserved fun, and we could watch Kimi in all of his glory trying to give an interview. They could make it less formal, no long interviews, a couple of games and a chance to chat with fans and the like who managed to get tickets to the event, or A listers that love the sport.

      2 years ago