Dear DriveTribe Community

The end of an era for DriveTribe and the beginning of something new.

1w ago

Dear DriveTribe Community,

Over the past five years, we’ve had huge fun getting to know you all, and sharing in the adventures and ideas of this great global community which has grown far beyond our expectations.

For many months we’ve been facing significant industry challenges, which unfortunately aren’t going anywhere. The protracted global shortage of computer chips has caused a number of challenges for the automotive industry, and led to severe reductions in marketing budgets across the industry. This has made for an incredibly difficult operating environment for businesses like ours which are dependent on advertising.

We, therefore, unfortunately will be bringing the DriveTribe and FoodTribe websites and apps, and the business behind them, to a close at the end of this month.

However, we are delighted that Richard Hammond will be keeping the DriveTribe community alive through our social media channels which will remain very much in action. Richard is excited to share with you more about his new projects including his Smallest Cog Workshop. Jeremy and James will be with him every step of the way and may even make an appearance from time to time.

Jeremy Clarkson says: “We’re all really disappointed that challenges in the industry - not in the least helped by the ongoing pandemic - have simply made it impossible to continue with the business in its current form. I’m very much looking forward to seeing what mischief Hammond and his team get up to as they take the channels and the community forward.”

James May says: "It’s a crying shame that we have to let this go. DriveTribe and FoodTribe are brilliant platforms that have inspired many new writers and bloggers to come up with great stuff. But ultimately, this is a business, and businesses are being kicked in the nads by everything that’s going on in the world. It’s not the absolute end, though. We still have an outlet for food and car tomfoolery, so the global economy can whistle dixie out of its arse. See you soon."

Richard Hammond says: “Although we’re all really disappointed that our DriveTribe Website business has to come to an end, I’m really delighted to be continuing our relationship with this brilliant community. There’s never been a more exciting time to talk about the industry as we deal with these hugely challenging market forces and the rapid evolution of what we mean by motoring. Come and join me on the channels along with lots of familiar DriveTribe faces as we continue to keep the brand alive and the conversation going.”

We know this will be disappointing news for those of you who have helped us create such a brilliant community on the site over the past few years. We’d encourage website users to please download your content, for which you can find guidance here.

We’d also like to thank our wonderful team who have worked exceptionally hard to bring our vision for the site to life - you’ve been truly brilliant.

Yours, The DriveTribe team.

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Comments (548)

  • This is nothing short of an absolute tragedy.

    It feels too soon. Far too soon.

      10 days ago
  • they all can say this shit with communicating with the community and keeping it alive

    but this community consists of communicating with each other in comment sections, dm's, group chats, posts. It's almost impossible to achieve this through other social media

    The only thing that jumps into mind is Reddit

    This is plain ridiclious and the reasons are bullshit you can't just give this announcement this close to the end

    You all should've given us more time to see how we can communicate with each other though other channels, it feels like betrayal

      10 days ago
  • To - All DriveTribe Staff And Members

    I have to award a humongous thank you to everyone who made my time on this website special. DriveTribe is coming to an end much too early. We still have to cherish the good times we had though. Let this end of an era bring forth a new and better one.

    - Dhruv

      10 days ago
  • I can't believe this. This place helped me out when I was at a really low point in my life. I've made so many good friends here.

    Thank you so much to all the staff and members who helped create this fantastic community. You guys are awesome, and I'm going to miss you all. 💔

      10 days ago
  • P A I N.

    That's it.

      10 days ago