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Dear Highways England, get your [BLEEP] together

Seriously, smart motorways kill

5w ago

Recently the UK have been switching to smart motorways, designed as such to improve congestion and make roads safer, but they aren't. We need the hard shoulder back, having nowhere safe to pull over is not going to work. It doesn't matter how fast you put the little X over the gantry, its not hard to miss. The variable speed limits aren't used for anything other then slowing people to a crawl 100 miles within a construction sight and to make money. It will cost the public money, and it will cost lives. We all understand that the government doesn't have money at the moment, but you could have widened the roads back in 2019, and your still building your bloody gantry signs and converting more motorway. Just shut the outermost lane down as a hard shoulder for the moment, few people are driving, there is no point of easing congestion when there shouldn't be anyway.

Seriously, this will kill people, and also stops people getting help as there is no fast track for the emergency services.

Speaking of that, TFL, your next on my hitlist.

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  • Spot on, Daman. Thank you for taking the time to post what the vast majority of motorists are also thinking - that "All Lane Running" Smart Motorways are deadly, and the hard shoulder should be restored IMMEDIATELY. If you'd like to help make this a reality, please consider joining the Smart Motorways Kill campaign on Facebook. Thanks!

      1 month ago