Debate: Is F1 better than Moto GP?

Let the great debate begin

33w ago

Over the years the question whether 'car is better than bike' has been the ultimate debate at school grounds/car parks/pubs etc. Now though, we are going to given this debate a twist.

It's time for you to tell us whether F1 is better than Moto GP. Tell us your answer in the comments below and before you do that, see what the DT community say about this.

Tejas Kokcha

"Though I am a car nerd, I think Moto GP is better than F1. There is more excitement and action in one corner of a Moto GP race than there is in an F1 race. While F1 has given us many classics this year, Formula 1 has to deliver excitement on a regular basis and not just Mercedes wins."

Kiran Ganesh

"I, not having watched much of MotoGP at all, feel that F1 is better. Of course I'm biased, but F1 is the pinnacle of how fast vehicles can go around a track (that has both left and right turns). You might say MotoGP has better racing but that's cos there's no downforce, plus bikes are about a twentieth of the track width."

Thiemo Albers-Daly

"If it's Moto GP related then personally I think F1 is way better. Just because I never really found Moto GP that interesting and for me, I never saw a lot of hype around it whereas with F1, I just knew about it from birth. For me, F1 is the creme de la creme but Moto GP is just some other racing."

Tim Rodie (Drivetribe Editor)

"I prefer Moto GP to F1."

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Comments (6)

  • Here's what I see:

    Formula One looks and feels kinda like a jet-fighter furball but transposed on the tarmac, with pilots manoeuvring their cars for kills in 2D space.

    MotoGP, on the other hand, is high-speed, high-tech gladiatorial combat where the riders and their bikes form one cybernetic organism designed to fight.

    And I know which one makes for a more compelling spectacle: the one where the distinction between man and machine is non-existent, resulting in races that feel riskier, more personal, and all the more impressive. MotoGP nails that sensation that far better than F1.

      7 months ago
  • F1 for me all the way. Even with the dominance recently, it still interests me way more than Moto GP. Don't ever see that changing tbh.

      7 months ago
  • Until the aero is stripped back from F1 MotoGP will reign as the better of the two. Even F2 and F3 are better to watch than F1

      7 months ago
  • Aaaah this is a tough decision for me because I am a hardcore f1 fan but I just can't ignore the fact that moto go offers better racing, even during marc Marquez dominant years racing was good

      7 months ago
  • Moto GP for me.Feels awesome listening to those bikes and see them race against each other😆

      7 months ago