Debate: What is the best car from a Top Gear/ Grand Tour special?

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Top Gear has been the most iconic car show of all time. The trio of Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May have gathered praise from all over the world. The specials have always been one of the most awaited part of the show. Now that the trio are with Amazon, people still love the specials. These episodes feature unique cars. What is the best car from the Top Gear/ Grand Tour special? Let us know in the comments below.

Tejas Kokcha

"I don't have a favourite car from the Top Gear or Grand Tour specials, but I like the three cars which featured in the Africa special. They went through a lot of hardships and still didn't give up (well, apart from the Volvo). Personally, I love that special and adore the cars that were in it."

Aaron Hussain

"To answer your question, I'm going to be slightly unconventional and not suggest a car, but a moped. Specifically the little green Vespa that Clarkson rode across the vast plains and chaotic cities of Vietnam.

I think this is the best because those little things weren't built for road trips. They were for nipping around narrow Italian streets to get coffee or ice cream. Not tackling some of the craziest riding conditions known to man. Despite its trainee rider, it pretty much tackled everything that was thrown at it! Another reason why I've nominated the Vespa is simply because of the nostalgia factor. This is my favourite TG special.

I understand people's love for Oliver, the Opel Kadett used by Hammond in Botswana. But I didn't want to be predictable; therefore the Vespa from Vietnam takes my pick.

Robert Percy

"My favourite Top Gear/Grand Tour special car is a bit of a difficult one to choose because there have been so many great ones. I think my favourites have to be Oliver (obviously!), the Lotus Esprit from the Patagonia Special, the Subaru WRX from the Africa Special and the Range Rover from the Bolivia Special. But I will choose the Oliver, though it might be one of the most unoriginal answers."

Ronnie Khanna

My favourite is John from the Grand Tour. First off, it was built in the middle of the desert in around 2 days which is a great feat

Secondly, John was able to make it to Moron with only one small mechanical failure with the lights and a hydraulic error by James and Richard Third, John was able to cross such rigorous terrain with not much of a body but more of a barebone car

As a car, John also had a lot of character with the axle tramping which made the car somewhat unique."

Dan Harris

For me the best TG/GT Car has to be the Rover James. Yes it might not be from a special but I really like it. All of the innovations that they did (okay maybe that’s a stretch but at least some of them) made sense, the show was put together really well and I laugh at that every time I watch it."


So there you have it, now that the DT community have told you their favourite Top Gear/ Grand Tour special car.

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      7 months ago
  • The one with the trucks and james in his hanging tent🤣

    pretty sure that was burma/myanmar

      7 months ago
  • you spelt my name wrong 🤣

      7 months ago
  • I loved Jeremy's 'sports lorry' from the Burma special. Not sure why, but that's the one that stands out for me.

      7 months ago
  • I quite liked Hamster's Mustang Mach 1 from the V8 Argentina Special.

      7 months ago