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    Debate: Who should Red Bull sign for 2021?

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    Silly season has begun ladies and gentlemen. This is the time when drivers are announcing they are leaving, joining different teams and unexpected driver signings happening. A team affected by the silly season is Red Bull.

    After the disappointing stint of Pierre Gasly, Red Bull turned their attention towards Alex Albon who did a perfect job last season. This season though, he has been overshadowed by Max Verstappen. Red Bull have a decision to make for 2021: should they continue with Alex Albon or look for another driver to partner Max in the number 2 seat.

    What should Red Bull do? Tell us in the comments below. But before you do that, see what the F1 community at DT think about Red Bull's 2021 driver seat.

    Kiran Ganesh

    Image: Red Bull Content Pool

    Image: Red Bull Content Pool

    "I feel Hulkenberg should be allowed to take that second Red Bull seat. Albon and Gasly were both great drivers in Alphatauri/Toro Rosso and I think they can do a great job as teammates (if they're still friends).

    As for Hulkenberg, he obviously deserves a seat in F1 and can play the Red Bull #2 role perfectly. Perez is equally talented as well, but since it looks like he'll have a seat at Haas or Williams next year - albeit unfortunate for him - I went with the Hulk."

    Robert Percy

    Image: Red Bull Content Pool

    Image: Red Bull Content Pool

    "I think that Red Bull should stick with Alex Albon for 2021. Changing up the drivers on an almost yearly basis just isn't working for Red Bull as a team and it makes them look even more like they're focusing almost myopically on Max Verstappen. Albon is currently ahead of the person he replaced in the championship and he was showing very strong performances as a second driver at the start of the season. There is absolutely no need to replace him for somebody like Perez or Hulkenberg or even to bring Gasly back into the main team. Give Albon at least another year in the second Red Bull seat and I think he will continue to improve and deliver solid performances on race day."

    Thiemo Albers-Daly

    "Red Bull have backed themselves into a corner somewhat by trying to develop their second driver into being another Max. Neither Alex, Pierre or Daniil can get near him on speed or performance but they each have other qualities which Red Bull should be trying to utilise. Trouble is that all three have now been in the Red Bull.

    So what I would do is give Alex until the end of the season to see if he can improve. If not, Perez and Hulkenberg are great options and could be exactly what Red Bull are after. Only issue with that is that it undermines their junior drivers programme a little. Tsunoda should come in and replace Kvyat. Gasly should stay where he is for now. Then either Alex stays at Red Bull and Hulk and/or Perez go to Haas or something like that. Alex is a good driver so if they replace him with Perez or Hulk, they need to keep him on but I don't know how.

    It's musical chairs and someone good is going to miss out because in my opinion, Red Bull ultimately rushed things when Ricciardo left."

    Jesse Billington

    Image: Red Bull Content Pool

    Image: Red Bull Content Pool

    "They will keep Alex for 2021, they shot themselves in the foot royally by swapping out Pierre Gasly and giving the Frenchman such a fire in his belly. We saw a new Pierre after that, and Pierre has seen the reportedly toxic workings of RB and the concerning leadership tactics of Horner. Drive to Survive painted him in a sketchy light, either clever editing, or he’s actually like that? Not a boss I’d want. So I cannot see Pierre taking up an offer to go back to the big boy team if it comes."

    Tejas Kokcha

    Image: Red Bull Content Pool

    Image: Red Bull Content Pool

    "In my opinion, Red Bull need to put a full stop to all this driver shuffling that is happening. As Thiemo said, they rushed things with Ric and to be honest, despite the hardships at Renault Danny Ric awaits a bright future for him at Renault while Horner and his team still haven't got everything sorted.

    Horner should stick with Albon. Give the boy some time, let him show what he's made of and back him. With young drivers you should never rush things. Overlooking the opportunity of having an experienced driver like Nico Hulkenberg available isn't easy, but if Red Bull opt for him then Nico will want that number 1 status which might lead to a Hamilton-Rosberg kind rivalry.

    So if you are reading this Christian Horner, then please stick with Alex Albon."

    Tell us what Red Bull should do in the comments below

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    Comments (25)

    • Nico

        1 month ago
    • Hulk or Perez would be a great choice. My gut said Hulk though

        1 month ago
    • I guess,Sergio Perez will be a good option,IMO

        1 month ago
    • Russell or norris if possible

        1 month ago
    • Hulk ,and I would really love it if he wiped the track with Max a few times.

        1 month ago


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