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Debut looming Porsche reveals 992 Prototype testing

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At beginning of 2019 the eighth generation of the 911 will be available in the European markets. Other markets will follow. To ready themselves for this launch, Porsche’s final testing programme around the globe of the 992 prototypes is nearing completion.

Porsche tests their traditional core areas of expertise, such as the chassis and engine. This thorough testing is undertaken in extreme conditions and everyday environments.

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Differing climate zones, countries, elevations and traffic jams test the new 911 to ensure it functions effectively and efficiently. Reliability being the key.

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Porsche’s prototype tests ultimately provide them with data to ensure that the vehicle is able to travel through all regions of the world without faults.

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The images show the 2019 Porsche 911 being put through its paces all over the world. With new competition from other marques including the Mercedes AMG GT, Porsche needs to ensure the eighth generation of the rear-engine sportscar pushes their marque even further.

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