Debuting in a style that I didn't quite imagine...


11w ago

Apparently I had a contact yesterday with a covid infected person... what a colossal amount of pure disappointment. However, when everything started looking gloom, I had a brainwave. You see, I have always wanted to be a car journalist. Therefore I thought to myself 'well, why not start doing it now?'. All of my schedules have been cancled and all I have now is TIME!!! Seriously, I honestly think that my genius is scary.

The masterplan

Of course, because I’m a 15 yr. old I can’t drive cars myself even when my quarantine is finally over. Therefore, my plan is that I’ll watch and read reviews of other people, people who have been in this business for much longer than I have, and then write my own review based on my research. Brilliant! I promise I won’t be one of those nutshells who copy-and-paste other people’s reviews. No! Never!

Since this is just an introduction, I’m gonna call it a day’s work done. Like and follow… and bump I guess...

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