40w ago

Decided to save a few thousand and fix the SC myself. Main issues were cracks in both the front and rear bumper covers. How I do it: Drill crack lead to stop propagation. Clean back side of crack with hot soapy water. Lightly sand surface around crack on back side of panel. Clean again with acetone. Drill small holes either side of crack and pull tight with safety wire. Apply JB Weld with fiberglass cloth to the back side. Spread JB first, then lay down glass, and work into the epoxy so it fully wets out. Apply more JB as needed. Once cured remove wire. Sand the outside to remove any rough edges, and prep for good adhesion. Clean with acetone. Apply “just enough” JB to crack on outside of panel. Put masking tape over the wet epoxy, and smooth out, working the epoxy into the crack and holes from the safety wire. Once cured, sand and paint.

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