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a brief history of the Decoracing Design Evolution

5y ago
Decoracign Design Logo Evolution

Decoracign Design Logo Evolution

:: 2009 THE BEGINNING :: It started as an illustration hobby on 2008 during graduation, with first and only client arriving in 2009 asking a 2 car and a truck livery design, marking the beginning. The next year, was marked by an increment of clients asking for liveries, with 5 of them seeing the green light, and making my dream becoming true.

:: 2011 THE EVOLUTION :: The rebranding marked the time where i was able to focus a bit more on gattering clients and helping them promote their projects.
We should not forget that, all through this time this continued to be an hobby, a long time consuming work, always done after daily work, sometimes with nights without sleeping, always trying to be as much professional as an amateur can be.
During this time, fortunately i had the chance to meet great people, make friends along the way, see my work getting all over the world, and had the chance to see my clients win rallies and championships.
All all the above is priceless.

:: 2016 THE NEW ERA :: No one knows what tomorrow will bring. But we can choose to sit and wait for it to happen, or we can do something until he arrives.
Everything has its time, a beginning, a middle and an end. The future is now! That's why i decided it was time to focus on doing only what i love the most, what keeps me challeging myself and gives me tru pleasure, and that is designing for motorsport. Doing racing car liveries, team branding, photographing, all that is what i love, and that's on what i'll focus from now on. This is not an hobby anymore, this is a way of living, a full time challenge and commitment. To celebrate this new era, i've rebranded Decoracing Design.

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