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Deep Blue: A new friend.

Long story involving one of my original characters Omega The Husky.

I took a look at the cold weather around me, no matter where I looked, snow covered everything, the cold wind and the falling snow... it was all a white blanket over the region of Germany on this almost everlasting Glaciation.

"sad thing that the planet ended this way, right?" a voice made me look back, and then I looked at his face, behind me my assigned driver for the 100th edition of the Vintage Charity rally across the world was right behind me, it was just another of these furry creatures that now ruled the earth thanks to the twisted minds of crazy scientists that wanted to develop an all new race of intelligent dogs, they eventually succeeded and went on to make more attempts with different species and got pretty ambitious on doing so until the fatal day of the accident in which a Lethal virus was released to Earth`s atmosphere and more than half of the human population was wiped out from the face of earth.

The furs that still remained on earth due to their natural inmunity against the Virus agreed on protecting the remaining Humans and try to repopulate earth as much as possible, I Lazarus from the Extinct region of the Canary Islands was one of the few remaining survivors, everything I knew was that We had never been so many and yet we never been so lone on Earth.

"Are you okay, Lazarus?" Omega asked me while I was lost in my deep thoughts that helped me distract my mind from the hell cold that enveloped me.

"No, I'm just a little bit f*cking cold," I said as I rubbed my gloves together trying to warm up my hands and looked around the Paddock,the car that we had chosen to travel on the Charity Rally distributing at the same stuff notebooks along food and at the same time having fun was a Porsche 959 of the Dakar, a replica of the famous 959 driven by René Metge, famous Dakar rally driver .

"Lazarus is not that cold, it's only 15 below zero! You didn`t see cold siberian winters that were 40 below zero, that is true co...!" Omega chuckled afterwards seeing my cold expression as i shivered a bit.

"It's fucking obvious I`m cold like a popsicle, you're the only one here who walks through this climate bare-chested like a madman, I have skin and you have thick fur isn`t the difference obvious?! "I said a little irritated, noticing my irritation he stopped the joke and got serious for our start since we were a bit late.

"we better get going, we need to get to Berlín quicker than our rivals" Omega shook some snow on his canine snout and fastened his racing suit, one of the things I knew about my driver was that he dyed his entire black hair blue since he felt black didn`t truly fit him but still left the original white fur on his chest and around the sides unchanged, I also knew he was born in alaska but still lived on California, How the hell he was used to this hellish cold weather?

"I have prepared an off-road route to avoid the Autobahn it will be congested in December with caravans and I don`t feel like we should play slalom with other racers among the traffic and cause accidents, so if we continue along these dirt roads near the highway we should get to berlín a lot faster than those simpletons" I replied showing him the map with some haste while the start judge hurried us to go to our car , running I fastened the harness on the left side, for some reason our car was still with the British conversion with the wheel at the right side unlike the original left side even if I manifested to want it 100% Original.

"And how much delay do we have? things have gone south since our start back in the city of..."I asked as I opened my notebook with the directions of my route to avoid the congested autobahn before Omega interrupted me .

"2 and a half... because of the silentblocks and the grease of the Porsche, you'll have to shout the road map" he put his driving gloves on his paws, but before I could resume talking he put his paw on my shoulder and he told me that the thrusted me to make it to Berlín in One piece.

I looked at his vaguely purple eyes and the black tattoos in the form of a black mark under his eyes, I nodded as he started the engine and signaled to the judge that he was ready to go full trotthle, the light went red while omega pressed the accelerator and kept one foot on the clutch with the car in first gear, the furious 6-cylinder boxer engine roared and wished to release all its power as it slightly twisted while stationary as the orange light just lit, pressing the feet against the floor I look at my notebook and prepared myself for the terrifying ride I would have to endure, Now it all depended on my navegation skills.

-------------------------------------------- -----------------------------------

"4 Left! 100 meters and it closes for 2 Right by the bridge, Don`t use the gutter! Dangerous jump release the accelerator! and 1 kilometer straight bumpy!" My voice with all of it`s strength shouted the meanings of the now wet doodles that signaled the route on my notebook, already getting warm thanks to the adrenaline rushing through my veins I heard the boxer engine of the Porsche bellowing with fury while omega frantically alternated with his feet accelerator brake and clutch fighting to keep the Porsche under control as in every corner the car moved sideways sliding all four tires, I could see small drops of sweat sliding down his snout while showing a little his sharp canine teeth,however my eyes saw how the corner practically approached us while I didn`t dare to look at the chronometer or the speed at which we were going since I had to focus on reading the Notebook.

"Shit!" Omega screamed in terror as his foot hit the brake pedal making the wheels grunt fiercely against the snow that covered the dirt road, struggling to hold the notebook on my hands I ended up cutting myself with the edge of the paper but still I supressed the sharp pain that went trough my hand to keep on holding the notebook to my hands. Feeling the G force pulling me forward I felt the Harness tightening around my body holding it on place preventing me from kissing the windshield, as he made the sharp left turn and took a small jump I turned the page frenetically and started chanting the next part as the furious flat 6 growled under the hood hitting the redline making the redline light turn on only to shut off quickly as he upshifted.

"I can see the buildings Omega! go Full trotthle! Come on!" I shouted in excitement as I looked at the next section feeling thrills going down my body, after this yellow checkpoint marked with yellow plastic squares the city would be right there.

"last corner! Omega use the gutter!" I shouted with thrill going down my throat, He slowed down and released the throttle before hearing the underside of the porsche scratching against the ditch while turning the steering wheel to the left sinking his feet on the trotthle with a furious rattle as the Porsche propelled Itself out from the Gutter`s grip, then the last big jump came and our tires lifted off the ground.

As I was distracted feeling lightweight I looked at Omega`s face which changed from both emotion and concentration to a expresion of terror, I noticed the deer as our car finally laid the tires on the ground, at 180kph there was little to nothing we could do to avoid the Impact.

His foot moved to the brake immediately but it was too late for him to avoid the Animal, the next thing I heard before the Porsche locked the brakes and Omega turned the steering wheel in one last effort was the dry impact of the Porsche against the deer, the porsche roared one last time out of control spinning before finishing with the back part embedded against a tree,as I sat still feeling everything darkenning around me and getting blurry I heard Omega`s voice as he nudged me slightly.

"Hey...ight...?! ...Tay...w..me...Laz..." that`s all I heard before the Lights went out.


One day later I woke up in the hospital, the Impact had been so strong that I had been knocked out, I could see Omega sitting next to my bed, slowly recovering my senses I looked at the regret on his face although the race was over for us and the charity materials we were carrying were had been ruined by the strong impact that destroyed almost completely the back of the porsche I heard the news straight from his mouth, Omega had removed his Racing suit and gloves to keep me warm as he ran back to the nearest place to ask for help, with a lot of luck he had managed to stop a freight train and to call by radio, for some reason I liked Omega, He wasn`t like my average work companion that treated me dry only because of the species diference, just as if i was one from his pack.

As I managed to get up from bed slightly I thanked Omega for his efforts but then I desisted from getting up since I was still a bit Weakened by the Impact, just before I could ask him for the Details of why The Rally organizers had run a small parade near the hospital Omega scratched his hair atop of his head and twitched a bit his ears wagging a bit uncomfortably his tail.

"Hey lazarus... in my house we will be all my relatives for Christmas day and I would like to compensate you for the inconvenience, I know the rally meant a lot for you"

"Of course Omega, I have nothing better to do," I said, after all Omega was one of the few furs I would like to have close, he was a fearless pilot, something quite rare in this generation of racing drivers.

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  • Hey Omega!

    Or Lazarus...

    That was one hell of a dramatic story man.

      2 years ago
    • Thank you Kiran, I have a flair for dramatic stories, they keep you reading and thrilled, making 100% happy stories isn't my strong point sadly.

        2 years ago