DEF METAL. Kiddo’s Slick & Silver T120 Triumph Bonneville

1y ago


There’s some beautifully elemental things at the core of motorcycling. One is fire; I’m all for electric bikes, but you have to admit that internal combustion and motorcycles go together like guitars and rock. They are inseparable. The same goes for metal. If a super quick, super light plastic bike with absolutely no downsides appeared tomorrow, I’m sure many of us would feel quite nonplussed. Bikes have a metal soul and those that celebrate this tend to be the ones we really like. And this new Triumph build from Spain’s Kiddo Motors does just that.

Our interview with shop boss Sergio Armet finds him and the business at a crossroads of sorts. “I am now changing my business approach a little. We have been working on commissioned bikes for 8 years now. But from here on the plan is to build just one bike a year, entirely from our own designs. The only other bike we’ve built like this was the ‘Kiddo Uno’ from 2011, all the rest were from customer’s briefs. We are also moving to a new facility soon and we have to deliver 4 bikes in the next few months”. Sounds like someone’s missing out on Christmas holidays, then.


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