Defeating the Bottomless Pit

Everyone has heard of a gap before. There are quite a lot in life: the thigh gap, age gap, pay gap ... The worst gap of all is the gap between the seat and the centre console. It is not as much of a gap as it is a chasm. An endless chasm. Car manufactures claim that their car has a floor but I tend to disagree. Especially after I had lost something in the bottomless chasm of despair!

I parked my car and reached for my phone which was stored in my cup-holder. Suddenly ... it was gone! Disappeared. Out of sight. Slipped from my loving hands! What was I supposed to do about this?! It had gone into the infinite pit.

I had heard of people who lose whole houses and children in this terrible chasm, but I never thought that it would happen to me! I had to get my poor phone back! I had to save it!

"9 out of 10 people lose vital goods in the gap"

Laboratory of BS

At first instinct took over and I bravely stuck my hand into the bottomless gap. I hoped against hope that no evil and unknown creature who might live in there would eat my hand. That in the end I wouldn't pull out my hand and the only thing left are the bones dangling from it. Sadly, I couldn't even reach them, and neither was I able to reach my phone.

I decided that I would need another tactic, something better. I also decided that I should stop reading Stephen King books for a while.

Anyway, this was a tense situation that needed fixing ASAP. This time I wouldn't put my hands at risk, instead I'd try it with a fishing rod. I had everything I needed for this project in my car: sticky tape, rod but strangely there was no hook. However, should I ever need nail varnish, I am covered ...

For a moment I considered calling the assistance of a friend. At least until I remembered that what had slipped into this dark, dark gap was my phone. So much for that.

At this point I had crawled out of the car, and tried to squeeze myself under the seat. Even though I pride myself with my lack of height I simply would NOT fit!

Top physical engagement in the name of this fine motoring tribe

I would need something even smaller than me. For a moment I gazed lovingly at my cat - in relation to me he is smaller. Then I remembered that Sir Cat ... is a cat. Cats are famous for doing only things they want to do or for the motivation of getting fed.

At this point a small tear ran down my cheek. Was this it? Would my phone be lost forever? Ringing a few times before it would shut down for eternity in its infinite grave? Every year I would leave flowers and ...

"Hang on a moment," I thought as I saw a small wire hanging out of the gap.

It had wrapped around my seatbelt and was ... was it?! It were my headphones, which were still attached to the phone. As gingerly as I could I tugged at it. I couldn't risk to break the connection. There was still hope! There was a chance to save my poor phone. This nightmare would be over soon!

Before I knew it, I held my phone in my loving arms again, welcoming it with kisses!

This has taught me that it is always important to have a safety line. Otherwise, you might drop forever and are never found again. As for no more objects ending up in this deadly gap: I am afraid that the only solution is to put a wire on each of your possession in the car.

[Cat.: #Solution ]