Delivery man smashes into four Ferraris after falling asleep at the wheel

25w ago


Rule number one of being a delivery driver: don't get into an accident.

Rule number two of being a delivery driver: don't fall asleep at the wheel and smash into a Ferrari. Or four.

Rule number three: If you've broken the above rules, at least make sure you're insured.

But rules are made to be broken, aren't they? At least that's what a delivery man in Taiwan did.

He violated all of the above after nodding off and ramming into four parked Ferraris totalling over £1.2 million.

Not to mention the 30 grand worth of damage done to his Mitsubishi van.

This is how a Mitsubishi looks after taking on four Ferraris, if you were wondering

According to Taiwannews.com, the 20-year-old delivery man from New Taipei City was doing an early shift at 5:40am when the accident occurred.

Three 488 GTBs were damaged, along with a white F12berlinetta, with the trio of GTBs painted in red, blue and yellow.

The blue Ferrari also suffered rear-end damage

They had gathered for an early morning drive ahead of regular traffic when the delivery driver scraped the side of the yellow Ferrari, crashed into the back of the white F12, causing a chain reaction with the blue 488 knocking the red car.

The yellow 488 and the F12 were the worst affected, while the blue car has front end damage, which translated to rear-end damage for the lead red car.

The first victim: The yellow 488 which was scraped along the left-hand side

The owner of the lead car has decided not to press charges, which serves as a smidgen of consolation for the delivery guy, who was driving his mother's van to help out her business, but without insurance.

A breathalyser test proved he wasn't drunk, and he told police he was only doing 25mph when the crash took place.

There is some hope for the delivery driver, as a local business owner has offered to help out with some of the repair costs, which reportedly led the driver to break down in tears.