Delivery-mileage McLaren F1 emerges from Japanese time capsule

Every once in a while, a truly remarkable, utterly mind-blowing complete game-changer of a car comes into the market and sets the world alight...

Today is the day in which a completely untouched, delivery-mileage McLaren F1 has come out of the shadows, and Classic Driver has all the details. Who could possibly look at this Dandelion Yellow McLaren F1 and resist the urge to get behind the wheel and open it up on a long and empty road? No one — except for one iron-willed and unwavering Japanese businessman. But surely if he wasn’t going to drive it, he’d at least sit in the centre cockpit and pretend to hit that redline for a little while, right? Wrong — that would disrupt the perfectly placed factory protective wrapping covering every element of the interior, and as can be seen, it’s all still intact 20 years on.

For the full story and all imagery, visit the Classic Driver website.

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  • Yep, and some super rich guy will buy it and not put any more miles on it. It should be a criminal act to own something as incredible as that and not drive it... punishment should a restriction on vehicles that person can drive for the rest of their lives. 1987 Lada Rivas.

      3 years ago