- £20 Million McLaren F1 Is Sold! - Image from Tom Hartley Jnr

"Delivery Mileage" McLaren F1 Is Sold!

1y ago


Tom Hartley Jnr are a high-end vehicle sales business based in Derbyshire. Recently, they had a Dandelion Yellow, McLaren F1 for sale in their inventory. Now, the McLaren F1 is a very special car normally, but this model was even more special.

The one owner model is said to have been listed for £20 million - Image from Tom Hartley Jnr

The 1997 model had covered just 148 miles since new. This represents McLaren's pre delivery test mileage, meaning the car was virtually unused by it's one and only owner since it's production. Further to this, the car still has it's factory protective material on much of the interior.

The McLaren F1 model still had much of it's factory protection material fitted to it's interior - Image from Tom Hartley Jnr

The car also came with a McLaren F1 Facon tool chest and gold plated, titanium tools, along with a custom made Tag Heuer watch!

Now, the luxury car sales firm have announced that the car has been officially sold! Rumours suggest that the car was listed for £20 million, which didn't take long for it to sell, considering it was only listed for sale just over a week ago!

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