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DeLorean Hovercraft anyone?

This is a complete custom build by Matt Riese. He created this and everything is custom including the body. The DeLorean body is not a DeLoran body, it is approximately the same size body that is created using styrofoam which is wrapped with fibreglass. Then it was coated in metallic paint. This keeps the weight way down.

It has two motors - one is a 23hp Briggs and Stratton riding mower style engine that powers the 3ft wide fan that makes you move around. Then there is another Briggs and Stratton 6 hp push mower engine which powers the push fan that allows you to hover over any surface.

Photo sourced from: bringatrailer.com

The Gullwing doors work and even have windows. The windshield exists and can be removed but, this is not advised, as visibility is said to decrease. On the inside you get two seats that are adjustable, not like a regular car. The seats here are mounted using a transverse velcro strip, so you can pull them out and reposition them.

switches for Mr. Fusion, Anti-Gravity, and Flux Capacitor

On the dash there are switches for Mr. Fusion, Anti-Gravity, and Flux Capacitor or they are labeled as such, they might have different functions. The steering wheel controls the rudder so that part is pretty normal. Oh! yes, one cool thing about this - the skirt of hovercraft can change colours so it like you are having a party while getting around.

One cool thing about this build is that even Jay Leno and featured on Jay Leno's Garage.

The car is currently undergoing online bids (will probably be closed by the time you read this)

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