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Denver Cops Are Giving Gift Cards Instead of Tickets To Replace Broken Lights

It's better than a ticket or a kick in the teeth, or both

8w ago

Most times, when you get pulled over by a police traffic patrolman, you either get a warning or get ticketed. In Denver, the cops want to try something new.

FOX-31 Denver reports that the Denver PD has partnered with Advance Auto Parts to give out a hundred $25 gift cards to some people who will get flagged for broken headlamps, taillamps and other “minor vehicle safety issues.”

“Working together is how we create stronger communities, and stronger communities are safer communities,” Denver Police Chief Paul Pazen said during the announcement.

It's a fun and sensible alternative, for sure, but I wondered about this and asked around to find similar initiatives. So far, no dice, but you can go comment below if you want to see more alternatives to ticketing or if something like this has happened in your area.

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  • That's excellent!

      1 month ago
  • I starting going to advance less as their prices increased on a lot of items. But they will price match or come close if you show them pricing from Walmart or certain larger retailers. Just a tip for anyone that likes to shop there!

      1 month ago