Describe your dream vacation and this quiz will tell you which car you should take!

1y ago

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F​irst Question! How far ahead will you plan your trip?

  • S​ince I was born! It's my dream vacation!
  • A month, possibly a few weeks in advance
  • Y​ou kidding? I didn't even know 'till yesterday

H​ow much luggage will you bring?

  • L​et's keep it light, shall we?
  • O​bviously my whole closet and then maybe the kitchen sink
  • W​hat I need and a bit extra. Sensibility is key

A​re you traveling with people or by yourself?

  • W​ith my friends. A lonely trip is a boring trip
  • I​ like to avoid as much distractions as possible, thank you.

W​hat time of the year will it be?

  • S​pring!
  • F​all!
  • W​inter!
  • S​ummer!

A​re you driving fast, slow, or going the speed limit?

  • F​ollow the rules. Go the Speed Limit.
  • D​oesn't matter, I'm not even driving
  • T​he SPEEEEEED!!!

P​ick your preferred road surface.

  • R​ace Track!
  • H​ighway!
  • S​telvio Pass!
  • O​ff-Road!!!

A​nd finally... What's your preferred budget?

  • M​y budget is unlimited, just like all the atoms in my cash
  • I​ mean... it's my dream vacation
  • I​'m kinda poor...

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