Describing Every Chevy In 4 Words

A Guide To The Chevrolet Automobiles

35w ago

Sports Cars

Chevy Corvette-Mid life crisis mobile, Chevy Corvette ZR1-A proper budget supercar, Corvette Z06-Every youtuber has one, Chevy Camaro- Is it Pony or Sport?, Chevy Camaro(Yellow)-"Look its bumblebee going"(Every Transformers Fan)


Sonic-Is it truly American?, Malibu-Chevrolet's big old controversy, Spark-Does it really Spark?

Vans and Suv's

Express-Will it ever change?, Trax-budget looking soccer mom, Equinox-Best Suv by Chevy, Tahoe-Chevy's full size hit

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  • Sports Cars: Cool, WTHIT,Don't,Have,Much

      8 months ago