Design Review: Ferrari F8 Tributo

CDR has a look at Ferrari’s latest supercar and shares it’s thoughts on its design. Rating and poll at the bottom of the page.

I know what your thinking, why do a design review of what seems to be one endless facelift of Ferrari's mid-engined V8 supercar. After all the F8 is based on the design of the 488 which itself was based on the magnificent 458, a car Jeremy Clarkson described as “the first beautiful Ferrari”. The reason I thought necessary to write about this car, is that I think it illustrates perfectly what's wrong with supercar design.


Even though most Ferrari owners won't go over 70mph in their precious possessions, performance is still one of the key selling points of a supercar. Which means that to shave off milliseconds of lap times, designers would have to compromise on the car’s looks which really points out (what I call), the dark side of aerodynamics. Don't get me wrong some aerodynamic details really make cars look good (like air channels on the Ferrari F12 and Ford GT), but when I look at the F8 I can’t shift the idea that it's gone too far. Take the front of the car, for example, the bodywork is all over the place with little aerodynamic details that seem to surround the car’s headlights and small holes on the bottom corner. The same goes for the profile of the car where all of the lines have sharpened making it more aggressive.

However, not all of the blame should go towards Ferrari’s aerodynamicists, as some details are simply designers choice. Now before I move on, I would like to put it clear that I very much respect Ferrari’s designers, especially Flavio Manzoni who has delivered absolutely stunning creations in the past, but I do think that their perception on the F8 was the wrong choice. Of course, restyling a car which didn’t originally need it was always going to be a challenge for the team as it had to be differentiable from the 488, but why put such a weird choice of taillights. Looking at the 488, the rear of the car is far simpler and elegant, whereas the F8 looks like a creepy face smiling at you.


With the F8, Ferrari has retained the will to have a driver-focused dashboard with all of the information cramped-in two little screens on each side of the rev counter. This for me is still not ideal, as I have been in a lot of cars and I have always found it easier to navigate between sat-nav and media on a touch screen placed on the centre of the dashboard. Some would say such a thing is no longer necessary thanks to the optional passenger display (first seen on the GTC4 Lusso), but the driver will still need to sort out all of the different driving aids and modes with a small knob. Small details are where Ferrari has always excelled with best in class materials present all over the interior, from the superb bucket seats to the very cool looking air-vents.

So here we are, the F8 is yet another Ferrari to go threw with a minor, yet consequential design remake. How long will this chapter in Ferrari’s design history last, and when it does, will we witness again beautiful and elegant supercars?

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