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Discussing Bugatti's latest car and what the future holds for the firm

18w ago

Most of you will have likely already seen one of these images, it's rumoured to be Bugatti's latest hyper car. And by the looks of it, it certainly classifies as a hyper car.

However, since I'm impatient, I decided to sketch down what I think this Bugatti could like...

My interpretation of what Bugatti's flagship model could look like under the camouflage

My interpretation of what Bugatti's flagship model could look like under the camouflage

I admit, the drawing isn't the best, but it was only supposed to be a sketch for me to get my ideas down on paper. Here I'll explain why i have designed it like so and why i think Bugatti are going down this new route.

Let's start with the front, as you can see this is an extremely hardcore Bugatti, with two S scoops either side of the rather squished Bugatti horse shoe grille. These S scoops, which can also be found at the front of the Ferrari 488 Pista, are responsible for creating high amounts of down force. Now, with these S scoops in the equation we can be sure to see similar specs to the new-ish Chiron Pur Sport. Moving to the back we can see a Giant spoiler that actually has a double spoiler conjoined in the middle! So, if this car is to go of similar specs of the Pur Sport, we could expect to see a top speed of 218 miles per hour and a kerb weight of 2020 Kg.

This brings me onto the powertrain, we have all heard the news that Rimac has been wanting to acquire Bugatti, but no further news has been added. Despite this I reckon Bugatti is working with Rimac to develop this camouflaged car you can see above, but it's not electric. In addition to the aero all around the car, you can depict a big roof scoop that will lead to this car's engine or powertrain, similarly, there appears to be two air intakes on the top and bottom of the car near the rear wheel. So, if Rimac was supplying Bugatti with an electric motor, why would this car need a roof scoop and air intakes? well, this means it must still have an Internal Combustion Engine, possibly mating with Rimac's electric motor we could be looking at the first hybrid Bugatti!

Before I get off topic, its time to get back to the design. it seems that Bugatti has adopted a new type of design we haven't seen before. For instance these new tail lights that look like they've come straight from an X wing from Star Wars.

As with the front, here you can pick out X shaped daytime runner lights to carry on this theme of futuristic design and future partnership with Rimac. There's not much else to say, since the car is only imaged in camouflage and Bugatti has only given us the numbers; 0,67. At first I thought this could possibly be the year 1967 they were taking inspiration from, but that was before I saw this...

0,67 can only be referring to the drag coefficient! Since, the lowest drag coefficient belongs to the Mercedes CLA (shocked me too) 0.67 seems like the right number if this car is to have extreme downforce like on the Chiron Pur Sport and Divo.

I'll leave you with this video showing the new Bugatti out on the track. I would love to hear your thoughts, Thanks for reading

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Comments (9)

  • That drawing is brilliant mate!

      4 months ago
  • Is it the drag coefficient, targeted Nurburgring lap time, or a power-to-weight figure? So many speculations! Which is correct!? I cannot wait until October 28th (i.e. tomorrow).

      4 months ago
  • I forgot to add about the quad exhaust, what do you think about them?

      4 months ago