- Wuling Cortez

So, here are the specifications of my ideal dream car. One designed by me, one that is perfect in my eyes.

Dimentions and body style

The car should be either a C or D segment car and It should be a minivan with 3 rows of seating. however the body should be low. Low enough that you might have problems differenciating this with an estate.

Engine and transmission

Engine should be a 2.5 liter turbo diesel that produces about 170hp and around 210Nm of torque paired to a 6 speed manual transmission.

Suspension and drivetrain

The suspension should be low, but reasonable. It should be firm but soft. It should be able to handle everyday driving pass speed bumps and potholes with ease and comfort but should not lean too much during high speed cornering. Though I am fine with some body roll.

The car is front wheel drive because I want as much space as I can have in the cabin while keeping a somewhat low profile design.

Exterior design

Exterior wise, the car should be painted dark blue. The usage of chrome should be limited to only the badge and model name.

The front should have LED lights with daytime running lights. There should be no chrome in the girlle except on the badge. There should be 2 grilles. One on the top between the lights, this one is short and thick while the bottom grille is long and skinny and is where the fog lights are.

Moving to the side, some curves but mostly straight lines. The front doors should open wide while the rear doors are electric sliding doors. Again, no chrome or fake air intakes anywhere.

To the derriere, there should be a clean though somewhat tilted rear end simmilar to an estate but tall enough that its still provides excellent headroom and boot space. Also, no need for electric boot or that thing where you slide your foot under the car and it opens.

To the top, there should be roof racks because they look good and a skylight for the first and second rows.

Interior design

This may be a disaster waiting to happen if I decide to have a family but the thing is I dont, because I will always be alone. Why is that?

Beige fabric interior. There should be 6 seats, 2 in each row. All of them should be able to accomodate a full sized adult. The middle seats are captain seats. Big soft beige fabric seats with some weaving patterns in it.

Door panels should be made of "High quality" smooth plastics that dont rattle around. and again, beige fabric on the arm rest.

The dashboard should be simple in deisgn. Lets start with the drivers side. This car will be right hand drive since currently I live in a country that drives on the left.

The general colour is beige on the bottom while light grey on top, simmilar with the suzuki ertiga. The dash should be shaped like stairs simmilar to a Toyota Alphard or Honda Freed.

The gauge cluster should contain an analog speedometer and rev counter along with smaller gauges for fuel and temprature. The millage thing should be placed in the speedometer. Between rev counter and the speedometer should lie a single digital screen coloured amber orange where you can check things like fuel economy. To the left and right of the driver should lie rectangular airconditioner vents. To the right side should lie a cupholder. Finally on top of the dash there should be a heads up display.

The steering wheel should be coloured beige and leather wrapped. Its shape should look like the steering wheel of a Peugeot 301.

The center console should contain 2 AC vents on the top. Between those vents an analog clock inspired from a Wuling Cortez. Below that is the infotainment screen with android auto. No apple car play because I detest overpriced apple. Below that is the AC controls which are buttons and a digital screen with a blue colour.

To the passenger side lie the stair shaped dash with 2 storage compartments. One on the top and one on the bottom and a cup holder on the left side, infront of the AC vents.


Now, go and design your dream car.

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