Designed by the man behind the new Batmobile, meet Ken Block's "Hoonifox"

Sensitive readers might want to look away now

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Ken Block's Gymkhana 11 is going to be fantastic. In a new video, Block said that he wants it to be like a Miami Vice video and he will driving, sorry, drifting this: the Hoonifox.

Designed by Ash Thorpe - the man behind the new Batmobile - Block has come up with a bonkers new ride for himself. Based on the third-generation of the Mustang, this wild racer doesn't really exist in our model world.

Living only in 3D designs and renderings, this has been inspired by fox-body Mustangs has the same exterior features as the Hoonicorn.

The big hood scoop with the individual throttle bodies, strip of vents on each side of the front fenders, side-exit exhaust pipe underneath the driver's door and the 1980s Fox-body DTMs inspired rear spoilers make the Hoonifox one mean machine.

While we don't know what will power the Hoonifox, the options in front of Mr. Block are plenty. He can bless it with a naturally aspirated Roush Yates V8 from Hoonicorn V1 or maybe the motors from the 1,400hp electric Mustang drag car. Ken Block can go super-mad with his engine choice for the Hoonifox.

“I absolutely want to build the Hoonifox,” Ken says. “And do a Gymkhana video with it. I want to an 80s Miami Vice-style version if it. Down in Miami. There you have it - my current wish list!”

All the imaginary scenes of Gymkhana 11 inside Ken Block's brain make us very excited.


Also, black is not the only color in which you'll see the 3D model of this car. No, Ken Block wanted a pure white car and Thorpe made that also.

Ash has also taken inspiration from 1980s aesthetic and design the Hoonifox with colors like pink, teal, and yellow. LOVELY

Truth be told, we love the Hoonifox in this superb livery. Well done, Ash!

As we have seen in some previous Ken Block cars, the only exterior decal remaining on the exterior of the Hoonifox is the American flag because America, baby.

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