Designer creates the four door McLaren we all want to see in real life

All McLaren needs to do now is listen to us and make a four-door saloon!

9w ago

**Disclaimer** These renders are not from McLaren themselves and have nothing to do with the company. They are purely speculative designs.

Ever since McLaren came out with the MP4-12C back in 2011, it has only ever made the same sorts of cars. It has focussed on high-speed performance supercars which lust after quick lap times, but what if they went the other way and built a four-door super saloon to rival the Koenigsegg Gemera?

While we don't know exactly what something like this would look like, designer Andrey Sulemin has created some pretty convincing renders to show what a McLaren saloon would look like.

Andrey Sulemin has named this render the 44, and it's a model which showcses some distinctive McLaren styling, but with two extra doors than what we are used to.

Just by looking at the car's side profile you get the sense that this is very much something McLaren themselves would make. Both the front and rear appear to take inspiration from the McLaren GT which would most likely be the base for a four-door if one were ever made.

Some other features include its flowing design, airy-feel in the cabin thanks to the glass roof. It also has McLaren-like pronounced rear haunches, and an aggressive-looking front end.

If McLaren did ever make such a thing then we are almost certain it would go down a treat, providing they did it right. It would also be great to see Aston Martin jump on the trend with a revival of the Lagonda, but that's another story for another time.

Should McLaren make a four-door saloon?

Check out Andrey Sulemin on Behance and Instagram.

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