Desire Motor Factory: How to.


How do you restore an R34 Skyline headlines? Lt Dave from Desire motor factory talk you through the process.

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  • ...Aaand they expect, that will be working for a long time? It's nice and clear for now, but not for too long. This is plastic. Plastic are very sensitive to sunlight. In a few months that headlight will be yellow from sun. To prevent from this, you must remove all surface defects, matt transparent plexi using sandpaper 2000 and paint it chem-hardened clearcoat. Apply 2-3 layers. And then few days later (wait for the varnish to harden) polish. That clearcoat is UV-resistant, which allows headlight looks like new for a few years.

    BTW - new headlight is also have a layer of UV-resistant varnish.

      5 days ago