In 1953 DeSoto thought of competing with the first generation of the Chevrolet Corvette

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DeSoto, a company that built luxury cars and that belonged to the Chrysler Corporation, commissioned the designer Virgil Exner to create a concept car that fell into the same category as the Corvette.

The Adventurer was thus created, a sports car based on the first generation Firedome chassis covered with a steel body in which a 160 hp V8 4.5 16V engine was placed, managed by a four-speed automatic transmission.

Equipped with a cockpit finished in leather, the car had some peculiarities such as the exhaust system placed on the side, the rear filler for quick refueling and the luggage rack occupied only by the spare wheel.

The car was not approved for series production by Chrysler's management as it was deemed "too ambitious" and Exner provided to develop a new variant.


Called Advenuter II, it shared the same mechanical base as the previous concpet car but the design was developed by the Ghia.

The special feature of this car was the rear window which could be lowered electrically and housed in the trunk.

Despite the car having had considerable success among the public and the specialized press, DeSoto decided not to build it in a limited series and sold the only existing specimen to the Moroccan king Mohammed V.


However, the Adventure project was not archived and was officially started in 1956, when the new coupe version was presented.

Based on the frame of the Fireflite produced in 1955, it also took up the design and finishes of the cockpit.

The propulsion unit was a 320 hp Hemi V8 5.6 16V with 483 Nm of torque managed by a two-speed automatic transmission combined with rear-wheel drive.

The options were numerous and included the radio, two rear mirrors, an electric clock, windscreen washers and sports suspension.

Produced in 996 copies, it was subsequently updated until 1960 when it was removed from the price list of DeSoto.


Between the standard version and the two concept cars, I remain enthusiastic about the Adventure II for its extremely aggressive design, but which one do you prefer?

Thank you to Valentina Zanola for the cooperation

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