- Credit: eBay

      Despite being nearly two decades old, this Honda Civic is gaining value

      Who thought old Hondas would start going up in value?

      4w ago


      The Civic has always been one of Honda's most popular cars. Taking the form of various hatchbacks and saloons over the years, the Civic has been known as the cheap and reliable family car, with well-priced performance models to attract the younger market.

      The Type R and Si models seem to be gaining a large cult-following, with prices for clean low-mileage examples shooting through the roof.

      Credit: eBay

      Credit: eBay

      A 20 year old EK9 Type R recently sold for a whopping $70,000 USD (double the price of a brand new FK8 Type R), and following - this clean EP3 SiR has been listed in Canada at an equally crazy $29,500 CAD. This converts to roughly $22,150 USD, matching the price of a brand new Civic Si.

      According to the seller, this seventh-gen Civic SiR (known as the Si in the US) has just 9,630 miles on the odo, with all original parts and specifications out of the factory.

      Credit: eBay

      Credit: eBay

      This generation of Si featured the cult-classic K-Series motor platform, specifically the K20A3, producing 160 horsepower at 132 lb-ft of torque from its 2 liters of displacement. It isn't a particularly powerful car, but a high redline meant 0-60mph could still be reached in a reasonable 7.5 seconds.

      The seller states that he purchased the car brand new 17 years ago, keeping it in pristine condition without modification, and never driving it during winter. The car has remained garaged for most of its life, and has a clean title. Maintenance was all completed at Honda service centers, and original parts are available, including the original tires that rolled off the lot with the car.

      If you want the world's cleanest EP3 Civic SiR, then this is the car for you.

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      Comments (19)

      • I wish I still has my 1986 Acura Integra

          1 month ago
      • Meh.

          1 month ago
      • These models definitely aren’t going up in value in the U.S. If this particular example had around 100k miles on it, it would be worth less than 5 grand much like its 7th gen coupe and sedan counterparts with much higher mileage. They could be considered a steal but they are almost never for sale and nobody wants them. Here in the U.S. we cherish the EM1 Civic (6th gen Si) more than any other Civic right now it seems. The EM1s are starting to reach absurd prices.

          26 days ago
      • I am sure it would be a very fun car, but. There are so very many awesome used cars you could buy for $22K. A Civic would not make my short list.

          1 month ago
      • With how ugly the new civics are, yes, I would pay 22k for this one if I were in the market.

          22 days ago


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