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Despite Its Body-Work, Is The New Supra Any Better Than The Old One?

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I must say, the comparison between old and new Toyotas are very different. They have in all honesty gotten worse. Maybe Toyota thought that by re-making an old legend that Toyota will be forgiven. They did re-make it and in 2020 are going to re-re-make it, yes I know completely ballistic and I don't think it will work. The 2020 Toyota Supra doesn't do it for me. The 2020 looks like the 2019 but they have shaved of more of the front and made it look well... more triangular. This isn't what Toyota should be doing, re-making a legend and then making a new version just a year after to try and seem like they are producing new cars again. But enough with my chitter chatter, is the new Toyota Supra 2019 any better than the 1993 Supra? Well for the body work it's your opinion because if you like the more modern look on the legend as we should all refer to the 1993 Supra as, then you may like the new exterior, but, if you like the legendary 1993 exterior than that's your choice. So on the exterior we don't know which is better and only you can decide that. But. If we took a look at the papers than we may see a difference. So that's what I did. The bhp is the same, 335bhp. Back in the day of the legend, 335bhp was like 1900bhp to them back in 1993. So thinking that that was like having 1900bhp back then, before the new Supra came out then you would expect it to have about 500bhp, but nope, the same 335 was kept. So given that most of us probably liked the old legend and locked ourselves in the basement when we found out that Toyota was pulling the plug on the legend, we will not except an ugly looking new weird Supra has the exact same amount of bhp. You know what maybe the new Supra has a better engine I mean it's a lot heavier than the old one ri... oh nope never mind the legend has the exact same engine. So the legend looks as if it might be heavier than the new Supra but it's only 14 kg heavier than the 2019 Supra. But if I saw a old and a new Supra without knowing what they look like I wouldn't know that they are even the same cars. What Toyota have done is the same as Ferrari making a new 488 Pista but with the body work of a centenario. When you see the Supra from the outside it looks alien, but, the interior well, that oh that! Well it looks like a damn BMW and that's because it is, the same start/stop button, the same steering wheel etc. This makes no sense, the legends interior looks like Toyotas interior and an iconic interior were as the 2019 Supra looks like a BMW, I mean come on Toyota, if you're going to remake a legend at least use the same interior. But it gets worse, yes... It's a automatic paddle-shifter, okay Toyota that is next level and rock bottom. We can conclude that the new Supra is much worse than the old Supra in the eyes of a petrol-head, I mean you can't even modify it like the old legend. Thank you for reading this article, please tell me how I can improve and as always, have a great day...

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  • Yes, it's much better in almost every way. The old Supra was a bit crap as standard

    12 days ago


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