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Despite major software problems, Volkswagen keeps building the ID.3s

Production must not be stopped!

1y ago

According to a report, Volkswagen will continue to assemble its new ID.3s even though the car is currently experiencing major software problems. Manager Magazin did not give any more details about these problems but says that Volkswagen will still produce 10,000 units of the ID.3.

The 10,000 cars will of course not be delivered to their customers. They will initially be stored in the vicinity of the plants until spring 2020. At that time, the brand plans to deploy teams specializing in IT systems to manually repair each of the 10,000 ID.3s.

Production of the electric compact car will continue in parallel, with the appropriate modifications. This will then result in a simple update on the production lines. The ID.3 is a very important car for Volkswagen as it opens the third major chapter of the Wolfsburg brand.

Volkswagen had planned to build 30,000 examples of the ID.3 named First Edition. Three trim levels and three batteries were offered at the launch. The first offered 45 kWh for a range of 205 miles, the second 58 kWh for a range of 261 miles and the last one a capacity of 77 kWh for an estimated range of 342 miles. All ID.3 First Edition are sold.

Photo credits Volkswagen

Photo credits Volkswagen

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Comments (2)

  • Its just software, not really something to stop they entire production line.

      1 year ago
  • Sorry, but this really doesn’t seem that out of the ordinary for the launch of a brand new model. It doesn’t even seem as if it will put deliveries behind schedule.

      1 year ago