Destination Namibia, behind the scenes on Audi Video shoot

      DriveTribe video team build their Passport stamp collection

      The shimmering salt pans and sculptured sand dunes of Namibia seem like a glamorous backdrop for a client video. It’s hard to find a more dramatic and isolated landscape, one of the least populated places on earth.

      Certainly there were several in the office that felt jealous of our globe-trotting video team. Only just returned from a film shoot in California, they were packing their camera bags and tripods again.

      But here’s the rub – they had to do the whole shoot in just 32 hours. A return long haul flight to capital Windhoek and a 4-seater propeller trip to the Bitterwasser salt pan, the results have been proven spectacular – as anyone who has visited our Audi Electric Tribe will attest.

      Video and creative team stats

      Since DriveTribe began commercialising its platform back in April, our video and creative team have clocked up an impressive roll call of credits, including:

      - Video shoots in over 10 countries including USA, Canada, Mexico, Malaysia, Namibia, Finland, France, Scotland, Germany and Spain

      - A series of livestream video launches including April’s carefully choreographed reveal of the Audi e-tron Vision Gran Turismo, timed to go live precisely to the second.

      - Multiple video extensions via Facebook and partner web sites

      - Over 10 social media influencers featured in videos including: Jimmy Broadbent, Queen B, Gentleman Racer, TGE, Archie Hamilton, Nicki Shields, Emma Walsh and Supercar Blondie.

      - Video appearances from 5 racing drivers from the world of F1 and World Rally including Sebastian Vettel, Karun Chanhock, Mark Webber, Kimi Raikkonen and Ken Block.

      - And not forgetting… appearances from our founders themselves including a very fine swimming pool-based performance from Hammond and May, supporting the launch of Amazon’s new Grand Tour game.

      So, as you might rightly guess, there is never a dull moment here at DriveTribe. Whether its a dramatic backdrop in the African Wilderness, or the dying “seconds to get ready” tense moments before a livestream video broadcast.

      We hope you enjoy the videos , see links below.


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